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Why You Should Work On Your Mistakes And Plan For New Goals

August 1, 2018

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When you eventually achieve one of your goals, you are rewarded for being successful. You have even more inner proud for your success when it gave you some hard time. You can’t feel as successful as you do when achieving a difficult goal you set for yourself. On the other hand, if it was difficult, it probably means that you made some mistakes and eventually failed a few or many times on the way.

Mistakes are part of your successes. If you do not acknowledge them, they’ll be part of failures and frustration of no achievements which creates a negative vibe. I don’t sign in for that neither should you!

How you can work on your mistakes

Take some time every day to reflect on these past months; let’s say, on what you achieved since your new year resolutions. Just write a list of everything you started, tried, experienced, achieved, quit, gave up temporarily or failed.

This list is your starting point for your self-reflection on your past success and failures. But it’s not enough to understand what went wrong. For each task, write at least one reason for its failure/success, one thing you could have done better and one thing you did great.

This list is the key to self-improvement. You’ve understood that, in each failure, you did something good; that in each failure there’s something good to it. Then from each task, you learnt something, whether something you could use again or something you shouldn’t try again.

By acknowledging the reason of your success or failure, you don’t simply label them as good or wrong, you make them become experiences and lessons about what works or not, so you don’t start from scratch again.


What’s next?

Well, from here, that’s up to you! But I would like you to think about your mistakes for a while, and the reasons you quit or gave up on some things. Could you get back on it, and give it a second chance?

If you feel it would make you more fulfilled to give another go at something, then it’s time during the couple of summer months you have in front of you to try again. If you think this experience makes you feel uncomfortable, either you didn’t enjoy it in its full, and rather go for something else,  that’s all good, but start planning something else right now!

Summer is not meant for you to stay inactive and cry over failures. Your summer must be full of experiences and momentums you are proud of, so you’ll have these positive vibes following you during the winter time. That’s when you’ll need your extra positive memories, to stay motivated when days are literally dark and cold.

How to plan

It is the most simple part. The most challenging part is to walk the first step. But, for now, planning:

  • Choose the project you want to work on this summer.
  • Describe in 3 to 5 sentences what you exactly want to achieve (you need to be precise here if you want to know what your real goal is).
  • Write down the real reason, what you expect from achieving this goal (do you want to earn more money to move in a bigger place, make a trip to New York, or invest in a camera to improve your Instagram account? Be real, be true, don’t be afraid of any silly reason that talks to you)
  • You have to set a deadline for this goal. I highly suggest the aim for back to school as at this time your schedule is going to change completely. You’ll be able to review your achievements, upgrade them, or work on something else according to your new obligations.
  • Now, cut down your goals so that you have one step to achieve each week. You have your plan for the summer. Don’t forget two things: take into account mistakes whatever they are and stay realistic regarding the time you have. Writing one page of my new book in one week is not efficient but writing a book in three weeks is not realistic.

Let’s go back to these mistakes of yours

Each week you have one thing to achieve! What you have to do now is working on your daily tasks toward this bigger goal. It is precisely where it’s important to remember the mistakes you learned on the first try.

Often people don’t fail because of the big things; they fail at the smaller tasks. Those are, most of the time, underrated and that’s precisely why they are the biggest cause of failure. You never finished that book. Not that your idea was wrong, but certainly because you didn’t stick to one or to hours a day to write it. Maybe you did at the beginning. Then, the biggest of life got on your way, and you stopped writing for a day or two or ten, or a month. And your book idea is a failure that sticks to your mind and just lowers your self-esteem.

You must acknowledge these little essential details, so that your daily new plan is including them, and you can overtake them for your new try. Acknowledging our mistake is painful, but you think that forgetting about what went wrong makes you feel better? You can’t really forget about something unless you acknowledge it and embrace it. Your failures must be a successful lesson so you can move forward.


The biggest leap

The big leap is to start doing it. Once you have your plan, your schedule and that you are accountable to, at least, yourself, you have to start knowing that you are not allowed to stop before the deadline. You have to keep at it whatever it takes. That’s the only way to higher your self-esteem whatever the full experience is a success or a failure in the end.

My last word will be about accountability. It’s one thing to self-accountable regarding a realistic and detailed plan, but it’s far more efficient to be accountable toward someone else or a group of people. Involve someone who will not take into account your daily issues. Someone who wants you to do the job whatever happens. For me, I chose to join Happy Healthy Women. But at the very least, remember that a detailed plan is your best friend.


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Time of year to check your goals and projects!

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