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Why Am I Exhausted? Body And Mind Fatigue

May 25, 2018

Exhausted body and mind are quite common at this time of the year. It’s spring and renewal all around, yet our bodies are quite surprisingly not always in the mood. Check your sleep, food, routines to know what goes wrong.

Before jumping to a conclusion and go for vitamins, it’s essential to take the time to understand your exhaustion. My first step would be to figure out if your body is exhausted, or your mind. Because if both tend to lead you to a nap or an early bedtime, not being able to move or think anymore, the reasons and cures are entirely different.

1- First question: is it only physical?

I mean, being stressed impact your overall body performances as well. But the real meaning of this question is: are you just asking too much of your body or is it something else?

Purely physical fatigue could be coming from essentially two causes.

  • Too much exercise: Exercising is great for you. But if you exercise regularly and overdo it, your body gets tired. This kind of exhaustion is not coming little by little. One day you start your usual routine and feel energyless. Then, you keep going and still feel energyless after 15 to 20 minutes. It shouldn’t be the case. You are certainly overdoing it! It’s easy to understand that not everybody can exercise 2 hours a day on a regular basis. But all the same, not everybody can merely exercise for 30min every single day. If you think it is the case, you have to take a rest and redefine your training plan.

Another source of an exhausted body is your daily tasks.

  • Your usual day implies too many physical efforts. You have a day job that is demanding physically. Of course, I get it. Not everyone can stay behind a desk to pay the bills. Your job is crucial, but if you are demanding more than your body can give, one day you may not be able to go to work at all. So, figure out a way to have a rest, maybe two easy days. Having a professional massage is also a very efficient way to feel better.

I’m also addressing to young moms here. When you are lifting your baby, or worse your grown-up baby, all day long, you are hard on your body. Believe an expert here. My babies were not little ones. Your baby needs you to be healthy. Consider different ways to do things. Ways that don’t imply so many efforts.

2- Your body is exhausted, but maybe it comes from your mind: watch your sleep

In that case, it’s trickier because there are so many different reasons that make you have poor sleep. But we can classify and identify them.

  • Lack of sleep: if you don’t sleep well at night your body is not performing at its best, but your mind will even be more deficient. You must sleep between 6 and 8 hours a night. But the exact number of hours depends on you. Some people need 6 hours, but some need 8. You can’t choose what your body needs. Even worse. If you’ve been sleep deprived for long, you may need to sleep a lot more for quite some time before finding your natural pace.
  • Too much sleep: if you are sleeping too much on another hand, you are not doing yourself a favour either. This “too much sleep” could be a source of exhaustion and eventually depression. Go back to my previous “6 to 8 hours a night” and try to sleep a little less to see if it suits you. You won’t get up very quickly, but after a few minutes, you’ll feel perfectly awake and well. That’s the sign that maybe you can sleep a little less.

3- How is your digestion?

Chronic lousy digestion is, like any other chronic pain, a source of exhaustion for the mind. Your food is your fuel. Literally what allows your body and mind to be performant all day long. If your digestion is not what it should be, you have to figure out why. Bad digestion is also affecting your sleep.

Check first, is it your stomach, or your guts? You can try a liver cleanse. Or maybe fasting. There are many ways to fast and rest your guts.

Consider also allergies or simply intolerances. Dairy products are the most significant source of allergies. Not peanuts but dairy products! Take that from a French who used to love dairy products. I can’t eat them anymore because I’m getting sick. The dairy industry is powerful, and that’s why we see so many advertisements and sponsorship from them. But check your pharmacy. See how many products are sold to help lactose digestion. There are a lot of them! Taking those pills don’t make your body accept dairy products. It merely adds to your blood pollution.

Wheat is also an ideal culprit. We have too much of it, and some may not tolerate gluten anymore. I know it’s not a smooth move. I’m vegan and gluten intolerant. Let me tell you that finding suitable food when I go to the restaurant or when we are travelling is not easy. But that’s completely worth it!

Think also about your alcohol, coffee and fried food consumption. These are killers for your stomach, not to mention poisoning your body. They should be occasional treats, not a daily food.

4- Do you have too much on your plate?

And I’m not talking food anymore. Do you handle too much, is your schedule realistic? It’s crucial to recheck your calendar and be sure you have some quiet time available. You can’t fit more in your day than you have available time in 24 hours.

Stress is a physical sign that your mind is overwhelmed. There are many reasons to that once again. Your schedule may be the culprit. But it may be something else. Do you have someone to forgive for example?

Forgiveness is the essence of happiness. If you are always too harsh on yourself, if you are permanently negative about what you do or what you are, it’s time to forgive! Try to transform your negativity into positive thinking toward yourself. Would ever tell these things you are addressing to yourself to anyone else? Instead of “I’m too fat,” try this “I going to eat better and exercise more, I’m so proud I can achieve that.” Instead of, “I will never have a decent job, I’m not worthy,” try “I can have a fulfilling career and enjoy my job.”

You may have to forgive someone else. Having hatred feelings for someone doesn’t make them worse. It only makes you feel worse! Forgive and move on!

5- Do you get enough oxygen?

Last but not least, do you spend enough time out in the fresh air. Your body is meant to be outside at springtime, if you don’t allow yourself enough fresh air, your body and mind will feel deprived. This kind of deprivation is as serious as sleep deprivation. Take it seriously and have a good walk!

Another way to bring freshness to your body and mind is stretching. These simple movements allow all your joints to be correctly oiled and maintained. It’s your whole body which is enjoying this new efficient circulation. As we say, “A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

Understanding your exhaustion is not enough

Of course, understanding your exhaustion is the first crucial step. But you have to take action and try your best to ease the efforts it’s making to change that. Rest, change your diet, walk outside, your body is not a machine that you can replace when it’s too broken to be fixed. Take care of it, and your efficiency will improve tremendously in the process.

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