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We are XMoms

April 19, 2019

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Today, It is time to talk about being a mom around 40 or more. We are called “generation X’, so That’s why we can call us the XMoms.


I did a lot of research recently in order to describe better how I can help clients and Moms. If you are aware of the marketing basics to starting a business, you’ll know that having a client avatar or in other words, describing precisely your ideal customer, is a must.

What sometimes seems obvious in our imagination, is hard to put into words. My ideal customer is someone like me, with my struggles, my age and my dreams! Great, perfect but who are they?

Of course, it was all about Moms, and being around 40 or more. But then I thought about millennials. And I went deeper into positioning who my audience was compared to them. Because clearly, I’m not a millennial. That when I discovered I belonged to “generation X”. The one with an age ranging from 35 to 60 in 2019. Quite a wide range!

Generation X

How fantastic is that! We are a glorious generation stuck between “Baby Boomers” and “Millennials” and our generation doesn’t even have a proper name! At that point, I felt unconsidered already. It only worsens when I realized that my children were belonging to “Generation Z”, the post-millennials, so don’t have a proper name either. But let’s come back to us, the Moms from generation X.

To sketch the draft of the picture, we are considered the silenced forgotten generation. We do the hard work, have good manners, help whoever is in need around us, and just never complain. Why should we!?
Our parents taught us how lucky we were to be able to earn good money in a stable society all thanks to them. We have everything, we must be thankful and grateful. Things were much more difficult for our parents and grandparents, just let’s just not complain, shall we?

Now let’s consider millennials. They don’t want us to complain because we have everything figured out. They struggle to find their path in life and they, most of the time have children at an advanced age because life is so hard on them. We are lucky to have been able to have children before 30! Let’s not forget that they are sometimes parents of dogs, and that is the same (apparently) as being parents of children.

Peace and love from XMoms to Baby-boomers and Millennials!

Mistake me not, I love and respect every generation! My parents are Baby Boomers, and I would never underrate the hard work they put into their life, Millennials are a constant source of motivation and energy for me. Most of the people I follow on social media are millennials.

However, this is maybe because they are the only ones having a voice over there. I have gigantic difficulties to find Moms like me. We are called on the internet “the silent generation”, “the forgotten generation”, “the hard-working generation”, “the never complaining generation”, and I’ve seen so many more tags that made me both sad and angry. Yes, we were not born post-war (WWII) time, and we must be thankful for that. Yes, surely a world without the internet was simpler than a world with the Internet. But it also was less flexible, imaginative and full of potential. We know for sure, we invented it!

We have to get out of this silent mode

For our sake and the sake of our children, we have to start to occupy our seats in this modern era. I want to mention another blog post I came across. It was written by a millennial and was explaining how to market Baby boomers, generation X and Millennials, using what works best for each generation.

This millennial started explaining each generation modus operandi toward a purchase by “I, as a millennial”. I found rather funny to see my “purchase habits,” if I have any, explained by someone who couldn’t even start by forgetting for a while about their position in the different generation.

Then I realized that this is all the problem. We, Moms from generation X, have been silent for so long that we take lessons from the youngers naturally. They are the only ones talking.

We also are used to doing what’s right, for the society (and I kind of quote once more what I found on the internet), and our family. At a certain point in life, we realize that things are changing, our children are growing, our partners are much more into their careers and take less time for what’s left of the family: us. We feel forgotten, and we become angry.

The forgotten generation must rise

We can be silent, and keep doing what’s right. But we can also speak for ourselves, and have our own voice in this world. If we don’t do that, if we don’t take care of ourselves, we will end up drawn into lonely anger.

I want to stop being silent, invisible or forgotten. I want to participate in this new creative world that is the Internet and I want to have my own experience, and I want to do things in my own way. As this Millennial marketer wrote, each generation has its proper approach when you want to sell something to them.

The point is exactly that one: each generation has its proper way to manage and handle things. We have to embrace our ways of managing our Internet experience, our society and family experience, and be proud of it.

We are XMoms

There are so many XMoms of my age, a little younger to a lot older that are struggling when comes the time to handle changes in their lives. There’s no reason for that. I first thought it was a phase regarding our age. But it’s a phase regarding our age and our “generation”. So it’s a struggle Millennials won’t experience the same way, or won’t experience at all, and it goes the same for our daughters. Not to mention, it’s something our mothers certainly didn’t experience the same way we do. Now, once again, I don’t undermine other generations’ problems! We all have our struggles. However, it’s time to take action for ourselves. I’m certain that a Millennial won’t be able to understand me a well as a woman my age will. I’m certain that I can help a Mom struggling with the same problems I struggled with, far better than a younger or an older generation woman will, being a Mom or not.

I want to do things my own way, and I want to be respected for that. I don’t want to follow the path when my experience and vision are different. And no Mom should feel like she belongs to the “forgotten generation”!

We are XMoms, and we are super-heroes! We deserve tailored attention to our needs, dreams and goals! Let’s do the things our own way, silently, supportively but with the recognition we deserve!

Have a great day!



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