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7 things to do to reboot your life at 40+!

May 25, 2019

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This week, my Youtube video is about 7 things to do to reboot your life at 40+!

This week we talk about how to reboot when we are forty +. I’m going through 7 annual (or more) checkpoints to maintain good health and care for your body and mind.

Dear amazing Mom it’s time to care for yourself!

Watch and Enjoy!

40 years and more is a lot for your body if you were too distracted by your daily life to efficiently take care of it, even for a little while. Your body and your mind need a regular reboot, just like any engine.

You can’t let your computer switched on permanently and think that it’s going to work all the time correctly for years. You need to reboot it, ideally daily. It’s the same for your mind and your body. You need to reset from time to time.

If your annual family vacation is a usual way for everyone to cut your daily habit, rest and come back exhausted but somehow refreshed, it’s not enough. It takes a little more to reboot that fantastic and complex engine that is your body and an even more amazing engine that is your brain.

I already talked about the necessity to sort out your memories in this video, and also about the importance of spring cleaning your life in this one. But I wanted to address more specifically what you can do to reboot properly when you are 40 or more. We are not old, so we must consider the fact that we maybe haven’t lived half of our life yet.

However, when you consider how many changes have occurred in our body and mind since you were 20, you understand that you have to be careful about how you treat the two. I want to live as healthily and as long as possible. Don’t you? So to avoid our body and mind to decay at the same pace for the next 40 years, you can do some annual self-check-ups.

Reboot Number 1      Inner body clean

We all consume some unhealthy food at one point or another. Even when we try to eat healthily, chances are we sometimes indulge in food that are adding toxins to our blood. These toxins end up in the liver, and at one point, as good of a soldier that it is, it just can’t handle it anymore. We must help it by cleaning it regularly. One time a year is crucial. I’ve written a post about the liver cleanse here.

Reboot Number 2      Sort your memories

Your memories are clutter for your mind, brain and emotions. It’s crucial to clear out that clutter, even more than the physical clutter of your house. Imagine all the useless information, and bad memories you have accumulated in your brain for 40 years.

This is not about forgiveness towards others, although if you can do that, it’s even better. But if someone has really harmed you in the past, whoever they are, you are punishing yourself for their action if you carry your anger and resentment for years. It’s time to let go of everything that is a burden.

Clearing your mind is not about others; it’s about yourself. Be kind to yourself and work on decluttering your brain. It may be difficult at first, but you can practice from now on regularly. The best time is when you do your liver cleanse. So you start fresh after that. But you could also work on your emotions more frequently. I’ve got a short video on the subject.

Reboot Number 3      Sort your papers

How many so-called “important” papers do you keep in your desk, on your shelves or any other place in your house? These papers are creating a lot of worries. They take a priceless amount of space in your home. You worry about the chance of a fire or any other disaster that could destroy them all. What about all the difficulties that could follow from such an event?

It’s time to create a digital safe. Scan everything precious that you have. Digitalize, organize, back-up. First, we use the OneDrive storage space that we are given for free as we have a Windows license. Then, we also use Evernote for our essential, especially when travelling. And them, we are not afraid anymore that something could happen and we would be left with nothing.

Reboot Number 4      Sort your photos

There are so many things we can sort in the house, so why focus on photos? Because in our digital age there are so many of them. The era of one or two pictures a year is long gone. Instead, we are accumulating dozens of thousands of them digitally, not to mention the ones, prior to our digital time, hidden somewhere in the attic.

As I already mentioned we have in front of us many beautiful years to live still. Do you realize how many photos we are meant to accumulate? I want to make you think about the “why” of your photos. Why do you keep all these memories? Precisely for what they are: memories. So my next question is, why do you keep these memories? Indeed, because you want to remember them. You want to remember your graduation, your friend, the day you met your husband, your children as babies, kids, your trips, etc.

Third question: How do photos help you remember? Certainly, because you look at them and they instantly remind you of the moment it was taken. Next question: when was the last time you looked at all these photos, especially the digital ones? Last question: why do you never look at them? I guess because there are too many of them, and a majority are not even very good.

If you want to enjoy your photos regularly, you have to sort through them regularly as well. It’s only going to get worse. If you can’t find the most exciting pictures, you will never look at any. If you never look at them, you better trash them. So: sort them!

Reboot Number 5      Create a daily exercise routine

Our bodies are not functioning as well at 40 than at 20. We obviously can feel that. But it’s not impossible to change. Of course, everything is going to be a little more painful, difficult and take more time each time we had a candle on our birthday cake, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Exercising regularly even if gently, is the difference between you at 60 being able to go for a long walk or swim with your grandchildren and you waiting for their return in your armchair, cursing old age for that.

I can see some grandmas online that are slowly but surely exercising better at 80 than I do at 40. They are the ones that motivate me. I want to be like them, to be grateful and kind to my body. I want to be in control whenever possible. There is enough risk in life to lose some of our faculties, let’s not increase them ourselves.

Reboot Number 6      Suppress one or two unhealthy food

Exactly like exercising is getting a tad more difficult each year, food has a more significant impact too. It’s time to treat your body with the right food. The food it needs to work and serve you well. I know that indulging in comforting food is such a delectable pleasure. I’m French, and I love “patisseries.” But I try to find my joys in life somewhere else and only indulge in some rare and controlled guilty food.

I quit many foods that I find where alarmingly impacting my efficiency and health. I sometimes feel a bit sad that my husband and I don’t have these “have a drink” children-free night dates anymore. However, we feel so much better since we’ve given up the food that doesn’t serve us well that we wouldn’t go back.

It’s necessary to make a mindset shift and understand what you really want. If you ideally envision yourself healthy at 60, that’s doable. However, it will not happen if you fill your body with bad fat, sugar and alcohol all the time and skipping your greens!

Reboot Number 7      Be strict about your sleep quality

Sleep is an interesting matter. Teenagers need more sleep than adults. Then at one point, and inevitably when we are students, we learn for various reasons to trick our sleeping time. We fall asleep late at night, or even early in the morning. Then we start a regular day job and have no kids so we know that we can catch on the sleep we miss.

But then, we have babies at home, and this is a turning point. We just have to do with the fact that our sleeping hours are not ours anymore, for years. But after a decade or two, we can have quality sleep again. Most of the time we don’t realize that we need it so much! We just keep on having irregular sleeping habits. We keep thinking that we sleep poorly because we are stressed. Or maybe we believe that’s because we get old (but clearly we are not!), it’s just part of life!

It’s really not! We should be careful with our sleeping habit, and try our best to regain a good quality sleep. The older we are, the fewer hours we need. The more crucial it is for us to have our deep-sleep time. It helps to rebuild our brain cells and be more focus when it’s becoming tricky.

It helps our skin age slowly and have good digestion. It’s merely correcting all the disadvantages we have when we get older. Good sleep is crucial; we should make sure we are getting it. I have also written a post about that.

I hope my 7 points about rebooting your body and mind at 40+ will be inspiring and useful to you. Remember it’s up to you to make the best of this body of yours. So it’s time to treat it as it deserves. That way it will serve you well for many years ahead!



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