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I'm on a break from posting here because I'm working on a new place were we can work together from September 2019! See you soon!

A personalized emailed coaching fitted for your busy schedule

Book your coaching session and take the first brave step. I will help you clarify your purpose using your experience, your dreams and your goals. Feel this rewarding sense of achievement along with a comforting support!

Take  action and book your session! 

An emailed coaching session is different from a usual online one on one coaching. Make sure you've read this page completely to know what you are booking

You are at that uncomfortable point where you are proud of everything you did for your loved ones. But you can't help that anger rise when you realize that you simply forgot to take care of you.

You are very busy, I've got you. It's not easy to fit in coaching appointments. That's exactly why I designed an emailed coaching. 

Together we can work on a new future you, one you chose, love and create.

Because you did an amazing job up to now, you deserve the best. Jump in my private emailed coaching sessions so we can design together a program that fits your needs. Four words:

Clarify – Simplify – Refocus – Get Organized. 

Find your purpose and reach fulfilment!

It's for you if...

Take  action and book your session! 

I designed this coaching program, so it gives you time to carefully think about what you need to be answered. It gives me time to carefully curate the answers to your question, and the guidance you need to move forward. 

When you order a session, you don’t make a one to one appointment with me. You are reserving a time slot during which I will be working for you.

Instead of spending time on Skype chatting with you, I prefer to take this time to focus on straightforward actions for you to take you can efficiently work on your objectives. 

If talking one to one is reassuring for many, I get that it’s one of the reasons we are signing in a coaching program, I like to be efficient and straightforward. I also know how hectic a Mom's schedule can be, and how unpredictable too! You don't have to worry about not making it. Simply send me your email in your own time, but before the beginning of the session.

When you are booking a session with me, you’ll be sent an email with some questions to answer and, of course, an opportunity to send me your questions too. I need you to answer as thoroughly as possible, it is part of my program. I also expect from you to tell me anything else you have in mind and is relevant to the work we are doing together. 

You’ll receive my feed back within 2 business days. In this email, I will answer your questions, guide you toward the next step and give you some more inspirations and work to do to grow your new you. 

From there you are free to book another session, or simply walk away on you own with the guidance you received. 

Everything will remain confidential!

How it works

Take  action and book your session! 

You can see what my first questionnaire looks like here:

Now what kind of guidance can you expect from me? I won’t sell you my way of living, you can understand while browsing my content that I’m a minimalist, I eat a mostly plant based diet, I try to do my best to respect nature, I love to travel, and I also am a photographer. By all means I’m not here to make you become all these! However, I use clarity, simplicity, focus and organization. If you come to me for help, you must expect for me to help you find your way toward efficiency with these tools. 

Now it’s time! You can take the big leap and book your first session: you deserve to be in control of your own way, let’s find the roadmap together! 

What can you expect

How Much Is It?

My price of 100 CAD includes:
- an emailed sent to you with you first questionnaire
- a 1 hour slot during which I'm working just for you
- a second email within 48 hours with my answer including some inspirations and ideas to work on.
From there you can use that email as a starting point to work on your next appointment with me.