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5 Reasons Why We Hate Cooking | Home vs. Restaurants

March 27, 2018

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Ok, you’ve got me this is a little joke. We love cooking, though we love cooking when we have time for it. If we are in a hurry, we prefer raw and simple food to enjoy a stress-free meal.

What we try to avoid more than precooked meals are restaurants. Living in a large city, without having a car, makes it relatively tempting to indulge the call of the warm, welcoming restaurants. Especially during the cold Canadian winter. We plead guilty as charged. However, we try to change this bad habit of ours. We have many reasons for that. If we love a good restaurant once in a while, for special occasions such as birthdays, or when travelling to discover new foods, we want the experience to remain occasional.

So, why we hate cooking and always go to the restaurant, or, in other words, why we try to avoid restaurants and prefer cooking at home!


We hate cooking because it’s expensive!

Going to restaurants is much more interesting, considering that you pay for the food, the chef professional service, the electricity, the chairs and tables, and the roof above your heads! There’s also the investment in a dishwasher, the dishes and the pans. Considering all the things included in the price you pay for your meal, going to the restaurant is a bargain!

In other words: you pay for so many things that the price increase accordingly!

We hate cooking because we can’t find quality food!

Professional chefs¬†know how to choose the best ingredients and they certainly always do because they don’t have any restriction on budget whatsoever. When you cook at home, you have to wash the products and cut them and prepare them. It’s exhausting and messy. When you go to the restaurant, the food and dishes are so perfectly cleaned.

In other words: restaurants struggle with their benefits all the time, it’s even worse for high-end restaurants. It’s no surprise that in many places the ingredients are low-quality ones. And the overall quality of the dishes also depends on the care of the person who washes the dishes.



We hate cooking because we don’t want to know the origin our food!

Have you ever noticed how messy, smelly and noisy a market is? Plus, you have to talk to people and ask for advice when you buy food! You can see where everything comes from and how imperfect raw products are! When you go to restaurants, everything is ready and lovely!

In other words: it’s such a pleasure to see how raw food can transform into a yummy meal under your own hands! It’s a mix of creativity and science happening in your kitchen. It’s all part of enjoying the meal you are about to eat, and a real-life lesson for younger kids!

We hate cooking because it’s not healthy!

Do you know how many calories there are in real sugar, butter, olive oil and any natural food? Dishes in restaurants always announce far fewer calories; it’s healthier to eat pre-cooked food or restaurants food containing substitutes because they are “diet.”

In other words: healthy and light are not the same. Fewer calories are often the sign of chemicals and transformed raw products that are bad for your health. These chemical additives increase many mental health issues. They are used in lower-end restaurant and food industry because they are less expensive than real food and give flavour to low-quality food. There’s also the fact that industrial food has a high level of sodium for the taste it gives to savorless ingredients.

I also want to mention the problem of food allergies and sensitivities: no need to worry when you prepare your food yourself!

We hate cooking because it’s not convenient

Going to the restaurant or buying pre-cooked food is much more comfortable than preparing food yourselves. Ok, this one may be true… or not. How long do you need to get ready to go out, walk to the restaurant, chose food, order, wait for it, wait for the bill and get back home? Surely you can find some simple homemade meals that everybody can enjoy eating and need not preparation. Therefore, you’ll have everything in much less time than you need to go to the restaurant.

In other words

Everybody knows that eating pre-cooked food or restaurants food has many inconveniences, but still we go and spend our money on it. So, this post was a gentle, maybe funny, reminder that eating homemade food can be fun and easy too. Anyway, it’s healthier and less expensive!

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy and respect restaurants, at least the ones running their business with passion. My perspective is that restaurants are on the same luxury level with hotels. You wouldn’t consider saying after a lousy day at work “I feel lazy tonight, let’s go to the hotel, so we don’t have to make our bed in the morning or clean the house.” For me it’s the same choice between a restaurant and homemade food: the first one must remain a treat.

Considering restaurants as a special occasion increases the value of the experience. As we are eating out very occasionally, we want to make the best of our night out. We choose the place carefully, take time, choose with less worry about the bill as a restaurant once every two or three months is far cheaper than one or twice a week.



What you can do instead of eating out

Instead of indulging the call of the paying service, keep a list of cookless meals that everybody love and their ingredients at hand. You’ll have an easy dinner prep and make everyone happy.

Here are our favourite ones:

  • Hummus and other dips with raw veggies and nachos ( can be vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free)
  • A plate of fruits and cheese (add some whole grains bread if you are hungry)
  • Canned soup in the winter (the organic versions are the insurance of natural products) with veggies chips
  • A salad during the summer (add some of your family favourite yummy ingredients to make it festive)
  • A smoothie with fruits, kale and vegan proteins is a perfectly healthy meal easy to prepare
  • Any of your favourite single dish meal that you have made and stored in the freezer! (quiche, lasagnas, pizzas, one-pot, etc.)

The benefits for your family

Eating together as a family helps to build healthy habits for younger children. It’s also beneficial for parents, who tend to eat better as an example! Some studies have shown that children that spend time with their family during meal time have a better self-esteem, are more successful at school and take part in more social and sportive activities. Socializing as a family helps socializing at school.

The danger of additives

It’s something I investigated a few years ago regarding some health issues in the family. To make it short, keep in mind that chemical additives present in non-organic food, but especially in industrially prepared food are responsible for:

cancer, asthma, allergies, bowel symptoms, hyperactivity, ADHD, resistance to antibiotics, headaches, heart diseases, weight gain (due to sugar and hormones), neurologic diseases, etc.

Last “sad fact,” one of the¬†chemicals you’ll find in place of natural vanilla extract in industrial food lists of ingredients, is vanillin. This chemical is not vanilla extract. It’s an artificial replica. It can be considered as an addictive substance because it tricks your brain to make you believe you love what you are eating and makes you crave for more. Don’t worry, the quantity contained in common products is harmless. Nevertheless, I find it disturbing to know that my food manipulates my brain and can even kill its cells at a much higher dose.

Have fun cooking!

Spending quiet time at home is more relaxing than going to a noisy restaurant and having nothing to do. Just get organized for the days you are exhausted and

Have fun with your pans!


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