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What To Do This Summer To Have A Smooth Back-To-School In September

June 21, 2018

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September is overwhelming, especially with the Back-To-School. Maybe not as much as Christmas time, as we are all rested from our not-so-long-ago summer vacation. Nevertheless, we all know, especially as moms, how September can be hard on us.

I’ve learnt to get organized to avoid the stress and enjoy even more my summer, knowing that everything is in control for the most crucial time of the year.

I’ll be honest; the school can feel a relief for some as it’s allowing us to have more “me-time”, less “Mom where is…? Mom I need…” but have you ever think of what your life could be if your kids weren’t on a school schedule?

Do you realize how much energy it’s draining from you? They spend the whole day studying at school and come back home with hours worth of homework. Don’t tell me you never helped them to finish on time without having to go to bed at 11:00 pm every night after their sports practice.

I do believe that school is a blessing for learning how to socialize. But I’ve homeschooled my kids twice in 5 years, once as kids, once as teens. Honestly, the program was done within two hours each day, and we had plenty of time for everything else, including having more relaxed mornings.

I’m certainly not selling homeschooling here. But, if you indulge a bit this point of view, you certainly realize how the school is also a heavy burden for you.

So how to counterfeit that back-to-school?

1- Get ready before school finishes in June

Do you know what is worse than school shopping in September with zillions of other Moms and kids? Well, it’s shopping during the summer! By doing so, you are completely ruining your break from school. You need a school break for a few weeks, and your kids certainly need to escape from the school spirit for two months to be able to start fresh and relaxed in September.

For them, therefore you, September will cause less pain if they had nothing to do with school during summertime. This doesn’t include the need for summer school when needed. However, think well before signing your kid in for summer school. They most certainly need a break as much as additional help.

The simple solution is doing your shopping in June before school ends. Think about it. You still are in school mode. As it’s almost the finish line, you are in a better mood already. It’s the best time to think about the clothes they’ll need both for the summer and September. Make a list and take a day for that (don’t include the shoes however if your kids are still growing, you can figure out what you’ll need in matter of sizes quite easily two months ahead, but you don’t want to take the risk for shoes, believe me, I tried, I failed!)

Make a list of the classics school supplies you’ll need and buy a bunch of them. Ensure that pencils, pens, colour pencils, whatever they use to write or draw, is working. If not, then trash and buy some new ones. The most important thing is to keep everything packed until September! You don’t want to make all these efforts and end up with nothing left on D-day.

If you have a book list, then order them right away. In September, all your chances for good deals will be gone and, even worse, maybe the books will be gone too! Remember, everyone in the area wants the same books at the same time! First arrived first served!

2- Plan your summer activities

Plan your summer adequately so that everyone has a little of what they like every day. Do not only include family time but also time to relax alone. Summer may be the warm season, but it’s time to chill out too. We have a lot of socializing to do all year long with school, colleagues, activities, and so on. Even extroverts will beneficiate from time alone for once.

Make sure that you and your children stay active. Summertime is the perfect time for that. You have a lot of daylight and are so much more relaxed than at any other time of the year. Make it beneficial.

Create a family accountability group and plan a summer project for each member of your little tribe. Your children will learn to stay proactive, and you will have a perfect opportunity to work on that dream project you have. You’ll be amazed to see how your kids can be some good accountability pals. They will be thrilled to work on the same plan with their parents and won’t miss an opportunity to remind you to work on your personal tasks!

It is the best way to teach them to work a little bit for their dreams, and not always for others’ dreams.

3- Stay healthy

If you want to have a smooth September, then stay healthy during the summer. It’s so easy to start eating healthy food when the temperatures are high, rather than during the coldest months of the year. Think of September as a marathon and get ready for the challenge.

Avoid fatty food and try mocktails instead of drinking alcohol on any occasion. Eat more fruits and raw veggies, fewer sweets and cakes. Think sorbets, and healthy smoothies.

Exercise! Once again summertime is the perfect time to workout more. When I say workout, I don’t mean the gym, I mean go outside and walk, ride a bike, run, swim. Whatever your neighbourhood is offering, give it a try. Enroll your kids, if they are too young to follow you, give them a scooter or some roller blades. It won’t be long anyway since they’ll beat you at this race!

4- Visualize September

I don’t want you to spend your whole summer thinking about September. Just try to visualize what you want it to be. Do you want to fully pack your schedule and your kid’s schedule with activities? If so, don’t wait for the last-minute choices and disappointments. Plan what you want, do it with your kids. Add something for you! If you spend a lot of your time driving them to various activities, you’ll feel better if you have something on your own too.

Plan for you a little bit of what you plan for them. First, you won’t feel like you are left on the side of the road. Second, you won’t overdo it for them if you are involved. Their schedule will be lighter, and you’ll feel better.


Enjoy your summer

By all means, ENJOY!!! Don’t wait to make the best of it and enjoy. Each September we go back to school with a little of excitement and a little of sadness. I do think this is a perfect balance. We enjoyed the summer so much that we are sad it’s ending, but we made the best of it, so now we are ready for the next adventure.


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