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Be Present, End Of Summer Mindfulness For Moms

August 15, 2018

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Mid-August is the time when we are starting to see the summer flying by quickly. We are thinking about September already, especially about back-to-school. We are not in the present anymore as we are already anticipating the coming rush. Nevertheless, it is time to work on our good habits and get healthy routines.
We still have 2 to 3 weeks to enjoy the summer. Let’s make the best of it! Can you think of any other school break? They are all 2 weeks long, and we really appreciate them. So, there is more than enough time to enjoy a lot of good experiences before our schedule becomes tight again.

1- Work on your good habits

If you remember my post “NewHealthy Habits for Moms This Summer“, I explained how you could use the warmer days to improve your healthy habits. Well, it’s time to review your improvements. If you just forgot about it, then don’t worry, it’s still time to make the first step.

2- Plan for September

I know, I just told you that you should stay focused on the remaining days you have before September comes. In my opinion, the best way to do so is to have everything planned and taken care of once and for all. So, if you haven’t been able to apply “What To Do This Summer To Have A Smooth Back-To-School In September”,  then take one hour in the evening, in front of your favourite movie, for good mood and inspiration. Make a list of everything you want and have to do before school starts.
Plan adequately, write down the due date if necessary and don’t forget to stay realistic. Remember that there’s a lot expected and unexpected events from the schools at that time. And even if you think you’ve got this, there is always some missing items that you’ll have to fight for the next day.

3- Plan fun time

This one is a reminder of my post about mixing fun and efficiency. As long as you have more than 60 days of summer ahead of you, you may not think that you have been very productive for your projects or your activities every single day. Maybe you indulge in peaceful time for a few days, or a few weeks.
Well, if that’s the case, it’s not too late! You can plan one activity or escape for every single day remaining before the big show starts. You had time to rest a lot! Now that your energy level is at its max, you can make some good memories. Good memories are just what you need to install some good vibes for September.

4- Create a healthy routine for the meal

During the summer, you had a lot of fun with your food. There’s no need for much cooking and we don’t even cook as much as during the winter time. But as soon as September strikes, you’ll have to be organized.  You can keep your healthy habits throughout autumn.
Try to work on your menu routines and find goods for the whole family. Make a list of the dishes that everybody loves. Make a grocery list (for that, I am using Evernote). Try to find some deliveries to tackle your heavy must do groceries, without lifting tones of bags. Having your shopping delivered at your door is worth the extra 10 or 15$ it will cost you.
You’ll be glad to have your meal planning sorted out in September. So, keep in mind: the simpler, the better!

5- Have a pre-September cleaning

It’s not Spring clean; it’s Fall clean! Yes, the best way to start fresh is to clean and simplify everything. You certainly read my post “What Our Family Learnt From Travelling With A Carry-On”, so you know that I’m a big fan of simplifying our environment to be able to focus on what matters most.
If you followed my advice and cleaned your house at the beginning of the summer, even better! There’s no more efficient way to minimize than doing it 2 times in a row few weeks apart.

Focus on the day you are living

Remember that time is free, but time is also the most precious thing you have. You can’t regain it once it’s lost, you can’t buy some extra. Enjoy each second, and don’t think back, don’t worry ahead. These are thoughts that are taking you away from your current happiness.


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