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Postcard from Venice colourful houses, Italy

March 29, 2018

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Venice and its canals are worldwide famous for sure. But there are so many beautiful gems to discover in this city. Doors knobs are incredible sometimes, houses walls in smaller streets are hiding statues. Some doors are fantastic, not to mention the magnificence of the palaces. But one of the things I enjoy is the colourful houses. Burano happens to be in the top 10 most colourful cities in the world!

Colourful streets

Another famous fact about Venice, or more precisely Burano, one of the smaller island of the Venetian peninsula, is the beautiful colourful houses. First, this island was home to fishers and few farmers. Their wives painted the houses with colourful tones so they could see their homes from the far. In a place covered in fog at night time,  and early morning during the fresher months, this idea was indeed a great one.

However, each I go back to Venice, the houses are more vibrant, especially in the busy streets, which are quite far from the sea. So, I guess that this is more a matter of tourist’s attraction now than anything else. But I must admit that this bunch of exploding colours is quite impressive, especially when the sun is hiding behind a grey sheet of clouds.

It’s with a grey sky that the colours appear at their best. That why I wanted to share these photos for quite long now. I hope you enjoy them, have a safe journey!

If you want to read more about Burano history, visit this website by local’s enthusiasts:

Visit Burano colourful houses with us


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As you can see, the reality of Burano’s houses is quite vibrant! I have a particular fondness for this lovely blue door. I try to collect them everywhere we go, but this one is one of my favourites.



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