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Postcard from The Great Lake In Winter

February 1, 2018

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Maybe you’ve noticed that it’s the second post this week. It’s part of the changes I’m making on the blog this year. I will keep posting my “Postcard” series started this summer during our road trip, as apparently, you seem to enjoy them. But I will also go back to posting one blog post a week. From now there will be one post every Tuesday, and one Postcard every two weeks on Thursdays.

The Great Lake Postcard

The “Great Lakes” were the subject of geography lessons we had in Europe. At the time this name looked magnificent. I was staring at them on a map and thought that, yes they were enormous! Now I’m living on the shore of a Great Lake, Ontario Lake. I must say, I cant get tired of walking on its beaches. The landscapes and colours it offers are different every time I look at it. I’m even lucky enough to be able to see it from the far when I’m looking through my windows, and this is always a treat.

So here is my Postcard from Ontario lake in winter, these photos, for the ones who know a bit about Toronto, are from Scarborough Bluffs. We went there on a freezing day, a few weeks ago, and I must say it was a perfect day for a lakeshore walk!


On the top of the Bluffs

Our first stop was on the top of the Bluffs. No way to get down this path during the winter, so our walk here is quite short. We then had to drive to the bottom.

It seems we are not the only ones excited by the walk!

You can see the lake on the left of the picture, in the distance, from above and through the bushes!


Bottom view

The frozen water is creating its art. As we arrive, the gulls are leaving, there’s nobody else here, I believe we disturbed them.


Here are “the Bluffs” bottom view. Bluffers Park is the only one of the nine parks along the Bluffs that has access to the lake.

The water turns turquoise as the blue from the sky is now reflecting on the lake!

Instagram stop for some I believe!

We went a little further along the lake because I wanted to go back to Rouge Park lakeside during the wintertime, and the car rental was a perfect opportunity. So this last photo is not from the Bluffs, but it’s quite close.

The end of the day is coming fast as winter sunlight is sparse. Anyway, this beautiful day is ending also because the storm is coming from the lake!

The mix of waves and the icy beach is surprising, so we stayed a little while to contemplate!

Hope you enjoyed this little frizzing walk with us!


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