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Why a "One Week Challenge" list

I'm believe that we can change anything if we have the motivation we need to achieve our goal. However, it's not always easy to find our purpose, our ethos. Temptations to be better, or perfect even are strong, especially if you are accustomed to browse the internet and social medias. But often once we start a diet to have that perfect 0 size beach body, or when we start waking up at 4:30 am to work on a new project, we find the challenge, well too challenging.
The result? We consciously, or unconsciously start to think that we are not good enough to make it, that we are failures. The problem is not wanting to change. The problem is wanting a change that may be not ours. The problem is wanting to start strong to achieve fast. But this is both impossible, and destructive.
Choosing a challenge for one week only allows us to choose a small goal that we can easily achieve. And if by any chance we can't thn, maybe it's the proff that this is not our objective in the end. Maybe something else is a better match.
Then, of course, one week is not enough to really assimilate a new habit, we can go further, longer and then higher.

What's inside

In this downloadable ebook, you will find a short recipe to achieve and choose your challenge. You will also find a list of challenge ideas around body health, because it's the roots supporting the strong tree. Whatever you want to achieve, or change in your life will become closer if you have a healthy life.
I don't mean that anyone has to be in perfect shape, far from. But I really believe that a healthy lifestyle is a solid base for a better life. And whatever your current health maybe it's not always yours improve it, but you have the choice to live healthy.
I am currently working on a thorough list of challenges according to my four pillars: "Clarify - Simplify - Refocus - Get Organized". This ebook will be available shortly, and as you already subscribe for this first part of the challenge, you will automatically receive the "One Week Challenge List 2.0" as soon as it is available.

Just dive in, it's free!

This ebook is for you if...

You seek for a change in your daily routine
You want to improve your daily routines
You want to gain in efficiency
You want to improve your health or your home
You want a more sustainable schedule
You want to learn better habits
your want a more meaningful and rich life