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Welcome to our monthly Minimag!
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Each month in your mailbox!

I know that your time is valuable. I myself hate being overflowed by dozens of emails everyday. I want you to get everything I can share, but I will only do it once a month. Why, because first, I myself don't read emails from a blogger if they are coming twice a week. It's too much for me, so I won't do that.
Second because when I'm choosing to write only once a month, I have to carefully curate the content, and this way I'm only sending you the best.

What's inside

This Minimag includes tips, books, articles, youtube videos or podcasts that caught my attention. I will also feature people I appreciate, who are working in line with my values.
In one word, you'll have all the news in one email!
But surely this doesn't keep you from visiting more often on this website, I love seeing you around!