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My Mindful Christmas Wishlist

November 28, 2018

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Here it comes again (so soon?) this time of the year when we start thinking about “the most wonderful time of the year” (say it singing the Christmas carol). As usual, I will start my post saying: “Yes it’s early, and yes, I’m getting ready now.” Why? Simply because I don’t like the last-minute rush. I want to have a choice, and not only depend on the leftovers. Eventually, I hate being in a store with thousands of other stressed people who completely forgot that Christmas is in December. Again.

So, my Christmas preps are on! Here we are, end of November, and you should have a pretty good idea of what you are doing in a month already. If you don’t, let me help. It’s essential to think in advance about what you need to have this wonderful time with your loved ones. Because if you don’t get ready when it’s all quiet, you will end up buying a lot of useless food and stuff that nobody will notice anyway. In the end, you’ll have far less money than you should, and people won’t even be pleased with what you did or buy.

How not to have a stressful December

Sounds familiar? Yup, so if you want to keep only good memories, at least from your purchase experience about the end of the year celebrations, just follow this one and only advice: get everything ready one month before!

Our family has long been cautious about the objects we bring in our lives. We still make some mistakes. But we have one thing that helps us get on track whatever we do: we live in a very small apartment. So, my priority for Christmas is trying to find a way to please people with as little objects as possible. More importantly, as useful gifts as possible. I simply don’t want to spend some money to show how much I care for my children, and I want to please them. Sometimes it’s also doable without paying anything!

It’s not the first time I’m writing a post about a minimalist Christmas, and you can find the links down below. This year will be a more personal post.

My Christmas Wishlist:

An eco-friendly, or at least a long-lasting quality carry-on:

We are used to travelling for several months a year and most of the time without a car. It’s very important for us that our luggage is in good condition. It also must be convenient to make the trip smooth and protect our backs from severe injuries over the years. We travel with a backpack for weekend getaways (except when we are travelling only by car). However, we never go over the carry-on size luggage for any other trip, whatever the length. We don’t want to be burdened. Also, we don’t want to lose time waiting for them at the airport. We don’t want to be stressed because of lost items.

Even if we travel minimally, we need quality. For example, when the wheels are not rolling anymore, a trip can become a nightmare with our way of travelling. However, I feel really bad each time I see one of our unfixable suitcases go away because of the pollution it created or will create. Next time a new suitcase is needed, I really want to find a long-lasting one. I wouldn’t mind paying a few extra dollars for it. I just want to be sure it’s going to do the job for more than two or three years. If the suitcase is eco-friendly, it would be even better.

My message here: whatever you are buying, make sure the use you’ll make of it will be significant toward the footprint it creates. Cheap is often more expensive than we think, and it’s harmful to the planet.

The will and energy to have time to love and take care of myself.

I’m not into makeup or hairstylist appointments, and my nails are now impeccably nude. I’m not missing all these fancy treatments, as I simply realized that I don’t really need them. However, I often lack self-care time. Like many, I don’t have time. As I don’t sign in for an appointment at my favourite spa, I often just let the self-care time slip out of my schedule.

The message: take care of yourself, because the more you are dedicated to others, the more you should take care of you first: if you don’t you won’t be able to do anything for anyone.

A list of outdoors easy to go day-trip:

I love Nature so much, especially as we are living in an urban city. These short getaways are always a hit for the whole family. Unfortunately, we tend to forget to go outside, especially when the winter comes. Last year we had a blast each time we spend some time outdoors, even at low temperatures. But these days were sparse, and we do want to improve this year. There’s no way it’s going to happen if I don’t have a plan for it. So, a list of places to go out for any weather or temperatures is definitely a precious gift. And this is using internet time.

The message: don’t neglect simple activities. They often are more rewarding for your health (body and mind). They only take time to plan, but this time you won’t spend shopping. You can use it for getting organized and ready.

Time to read and learn every day.

At one point in my life, I realized it had been years since I had read a book or learned anything new. Anybody can enjoy reading if he/she finds the right book. Your brain needs exercise as much as your body does. A childhood memory always made me want to know how to play the Irish whistle. I know how to play the piano, and a little bit of guitar, but I always wanted to play the Irish whistle. So, I want to block time this year to make it happen.

The message: Learning something new or improving a skill you already have is the best way to make it happen. Reading is great too of course, and you can just read to learn something new. A special note to creativity: it’s beneficial and doable for anybody. Give a go to a bit of creativity each day, and you’ll rapidly notice the positive effect it has on your mood.


I hope you’ll find your Wishlist promptly in order to have a smooth December, filled with carols and cookies instead of busy stores, and endless bills. Here are my past Christmas inspiration posts:

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mindful, wishlist, Christmas, advent calendar, December

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