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How to Make an Eco-friendly Christmas Tree

October 31, 2017

Christmas tree time is just around the corner so,

About our Christmas tree:

Years ago we were tired of watching a tree drying in our living-room each year faster and faster. In Canada, it’s sometimes difficult to find the very much beloved Nordmann (who happens to dry keeping his needles strongly) we were used to in Europe. We were also tired to pay a significant amount of money for a not so lovely tree. We found a recycled cardboard tree which did a fantastic job for 7 Christmas until we gave it before moving to Europe.

But I was far from thinking that we would have so many difficulties to find a proper replacement. I almost gave-up seeing the price of eco- friendly kind of trees available online.

Eventually, I saw one which was almost perfect: it was far too small. So we decided built one of our own following the same idea.

What you’ll need

To do the same, you’ll need:
☃ 1.5m bamboo sticks (3)
? a small saw
☃ measurement tools (we also used
two 20cm large square boards to
make everything easier)
? gardening string
☃ scissors
? any kind of paint you want to
finish with



Some cuttings to do…

Cut the bamboo sticks in 9 pieces:
80cm, 70cm, 60cm, 50cm, 40cm, 30cm,
20cm (2 times), 10cm

The idea is to have a tree approximately
180cm tall including the top star.

Cut the string: you don’t need
anything precise here, but you’ll
want to have a 20cm central
part, and to be able to make 4
knots plus surround your
bamboo stick on each side of
your string. To be at ease to do
these knots, I advise to add 10cm on
each side. To cut all these
strings we use the cardboard.

Tigh the knot!

Once again use your cardboard to
make two knots on each string, 20cm
apart. Try to keep at best 10cm on
each side of the string.

The 3 following pictures show how
to simply tighten the knot around your
bamboo stick.

Do this on both sides of the string
using one of the 20cm sticks and the
80cm stick.

Use the second string to link the sticks
on the other side



Finding the balance of your Christmas tree

Now it’s time to practice your new
knotting skills on the different levels
of your future Christmas tree. In that
order of course: 80cm then 70, 60,
50, 40, 30, 20 cm.
Two important things:
? Be patient it takes time
‼ remember to check at each
“level” that both sides are the same
length. I didn’t want to complicate
things by drilling holes in the
bamboo to hold the strings, but you
have to balance your tree or it won’t
hold the charge of your decorations

Check the balance at each level

It’s time to use your last stick, the
10cm one. Clean the hole if it’s not
already done.

Take a long piece of string (I cut it at 1m
to be sure) fold it in two, then push it
through the piece of bamboo.

Place the open end of the string
around the highest level of your tree
and make a knot. Push tightly the 10
cm stick to the 20 cm stick in order
to block the string.
Hang up your tree and balance it
playing with the place of the strings.
Try to place them close to each
end of the bamboo sticks and place
both strings closely together

When your tree has a nice shape tight
together the two strings on each side of
each level.

Decorating finally the Christmas tree

All done! Cut the excess of
string. Now you can paint as you
wish (white, green, red…) with
sparkles even, your choice! I chose a
light white paint, so a little of the
green of the string and the wood of
the bamboo is still visible through it,
giving a more natural tone.

Decorating time! Remember the
simplicity of the construction
avoiding the drilling of holes makes
the structure a little fragile. Hang
your decorations on each level, one
at a time. Don’t put everything on
one side only!


Merry Advent Christmas time! Don’t forget that the time you spent with your loved ones is the best gift ever. We worked on that tree as a whole family and enjoy it, making it our best Christmas Tree ever!

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