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How to Easily Spring Liver Cleanse – Improve Your Health

May 17, 2018

Why having a liver cleanse?

Why should we have a spring liver cleanse? Because our liver is so active all the time cleaning up our body that it’s only fair we take care of it at least once a year. If you chose to do so, the best time is spring, so your organism starts fresh just like nature does. In case of doubt, always trust nature cycles! Processed food is your worst enemy, but there is much more to know to improve your health this spring!
The liver functions include: processing nutrients, cleaning blood cells, regulate blood fat and sugar, blood clotting, producing proteins and cholesterol, clean toxins. But also storing minerals, iron, vitamins and glycogens. Eventually metabolizing alcohol and converting lactate into energy.
The liver is taking everything in to perform all these cleanings and transformations. If you keep on toxifying it without any rest, or any reboot, then the problems start to appear.

What is toxifying the liver?

Sugar and processed food

Processed food is the first culprit when your liver is unbalanced and polluted. Sugar is a close second on the blacklist. It’s better to do without, at least for a while. You can have some treats from time to time, but eating sugar on a regular basis can do no good to your body. When I say sugar, I mean refined sugar because the sugar you can get from fresh fruits is actually good.

Apart from these 2 simple principles, here is a list of food to avoid if you want to purify your liver:

– Uncooked shellfish
– Medication such as acetaminophen
– Malnutrition (I mean counting calories is good, but living your working day on 2 diet cokes is malnutrition all the same)
– Exposure to chemicals (in your food, especially processed food or your environment)
– Alcohol
You also have to be conscious of the fact that having a low potassium blood level is not a good thing. Obesity increases significantly the job your liver has to perform. Therefore, you should be even more cautious about what you eat. Eventually, tattoos and body piercings are intoxicating the blood too. If you have some, you should be even more gentle on your liver.

Pay attention to the signs

When you read this, you will undoubtedly have one of these aha momenta. I know that the internet has created a lot of self-made amateur doctor amongst us. We all think we have a whole bunch of symptoms fitting a disease we are googling. However, it’s more likely to be the case regarding an unbalanced liver.

Not so long ago, people were regularly practising liver cleanse. It’s a habit we’ve lost with our modern well-nourished lives, along with intermittent fasting or the fact that sugar was a very rare treat. So yes, you will undoubtedly find here that a liver cleanse will do you good. Anyway, it can never be useless!

Light usual symptoms:

– Bloating and gas
– Acid reflux
– Constipation
– Inability to lose weight
– Chronic fatigue
– Excessive sweating
– Bruising easily
– Poor appetite (I mean real appetite here: when is the last time you experience hunger for a little while before eating?)
– Moodiness
From here, the symptoms are getting more serious. I urge you to ask for doctor advice.
– High blood pressure (though this one you should know if you went to the doctor)
– Anxiety, depression
– Heartburns
– Dark urine
– Rosacea
– Yellowish skin and/or eyes
These last symptoms are a bit extreme and far less common hopefully. However, a large majority of the population in North America is experiencing several of the first ones on a daily basis. If you feel uncomfortable with some of these, then take a step further and learn how to improve your health very easily by reading what follows.

What you can do right now!

What you can do is simple! First stop eating toxic food, then cleanse your liver. You cannot cleanse your liver if you are intoxicating it at the same time! Remember spring is a fresh start for nature, it can be the same for you!

For a new start, think raw, think simple. Eating raw food is the simplest way to eat clean. If you prefer cooked food, make your own, and avoid fat and sugar. 

– Avoid process food and refined sugar. Indeed avoid sugar, but also alcohol.
– Drink detox water (or simply water, but drink enough of it anyway, any time of the year) see here for ideas of ingredients.
– Take milk-thistle, dandelion and turmeric supplements for a month or two depending on how you feel
– Drink raw veggies juices or better: eat raw veggie salads
– Load-up on potassium-rich food (see here for the list, but beets, beans, spinach and sweet potatoes are a good start)
– Practice intermittent fasting
Eventually, watch your nutrients:
– More vitamin B (always good to make good use of iron)
– More vitamin C (spring is hard on our bodies, vitamin C helps our immune system in general)
– More iron (especially for you ladies)
Of course, there is a whole bunch of actions you can take to improve the state of your liver, but let’s say this is a good start. I like to keep things simple because, in our busy lives, there’s no need to increase stress and worries when it’s time to adopt new healthy habits.
Take it slow, one step at a time, but make sure to work on it. You will improve your health significantly with very simple actions.

A fresh start for spring!

As I said previously, spring is the best time to have a liver cleanse, but you can renew the process regularly, it will be even better. If you want to improve your health significantly, you can also change your eating habits to be more in adequation with a healthy liver on a daily basis. Remember it’s always a good time to improve your health and your wellbeing!
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