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Simple Guide To Nutrients and Vitamins For Morning Efficiency

October 24, 2018

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I am no nutritionist, but I have had several professional nutritionists advise me along the years. If each one has its favourite subjects and methods, there are pieces of advice that remain the same.

I realized how overwhelming managing nutrients on a daily basis is when my husband opened the kitchen cupboard where I’m stocking (stacking) nutrients and said: “don’t you think you are a little overdoing it regarding nutrients?”.

To be fair, as I am a minimalist, I usually don’t fully pack my shelves, even in our small kitchen. But I must admit that, depending on the time of the year, my nutrient/pharmacy shelf can be pretty busy.

So, here is my advice for you:

1- Choose well, don’t overdo it for regular vitamins

Ok, this one is easy if you don’t want to overdo it, then don’t overdo it. But what I mean is, don’t take useless nutrients. Taking nutrients that you don’t need can be harmful to your body! Furthermore, nutrients can be quite expensive. You don’t want to spoil your good health and trash some cash in the same process.

If you are not eating fresh fruits or veggies, vitamins are definitely lacking in your diet, especially during the wintertime. You can go for “all-in-one vitamins”. If you have young children, you must be very cautious when adapting the quantities to their weight. I usually divide the advised amount by 2 for everyone anyway. It’s far enough. We never had a blood check that came back with some deficiencies. So, I guess I’m doing it right!

Vitamin brands like any other brand want you to buy more. The amount they want you to take daily is the amount you should get daily, so if you take their recommended intake then if you eat vitamins in you food you will be in surplus. Nowadays, a lot of food is enriched, you can have a multi-vitamin supplement, but you certainly don’t need the full advised dose.

Try to avoid overdoing it also with the enriched food. You don’t need to buy milk with more calcium or vitamin C or D or XYZ. You want milk, buy milk that’s enough.

2- The basics

Vitamin D is helping for the lack of sun during the winter. It’s the vitamin helping you maintain some healthy bones more than calcium. If you leave in countries that have a lack of sun, or if you avoid the sun, consider vitamin D.

Vitamin C during the winter is essential for the immune system. This one is famous. It’s my number one go to for a starting cold or a cold day. I also use it when the weather is changing at the beginning or the end of the winter.

Omega-3 are very important for so many functions. You can find them in some food like chia seeds or supplements. These are especially important if you don’t eat fish on a regular basis, or any other omega-3 reach food. Omega-3 are very useful for the brain and your memory, and your children, especially during exam season!

Supplements for skin/hair/nails can be very useful especially if you live in a city. Pollution is damaging our hair, our skin and our nails (nail polish is a big culprit too) so supplements are needed to repair them.

If you are a vegan, or if you merely eat meat, don’t forget the very important B12 vitamins! Your blood and nerves depend on them. Also be aware that non vegan people have unnoticed B12 deficiency when ageing.

3- Digestion

Two more nutrients/supplements you’d like to consider, are probiotics and apple cider vinegar.

Probiotics will help your guts stay healthy. These are not to be taken every day all year long. However, a short probiotic treatment from time to time is a good idea, especially if you have some digestion difficulties. Consider it also after a liver cleanse.

Apple cider vinegar is also a very ancient remedy. I don’t like to use it on a regular basis, because it can damage your teeth. But I’m using a gels substitute. It’s not the real apple cider vinegar, but it seems efficient enough to me.

4- Get organized

You have to keep all of your nutrients in the same place. Try to simplify and take them all at the same time, except when you are in a specific treatment and you need to have some several times a day. Also, if you stop taking your nutrients one week, do not take twice as much the following week.

Keep them in a cupboard, safe from humidity, light or excessive heat. Don’t be afraid of the space it takes. It is better to have some more than to lack some for one week when you finish a box.

When you liver-cleanse, you have at least three more boxes in the cupboard, that leads to even more. For an easier organization in the morning, I have some small cup, glasses, etc. I use them to distribute to each one of us the proper nutrients. It’s not an option to have them running all other the place and mixing with everyone else’s.

Make sure to have what you need in advance if you don’t have a convenient place to go and buy them. Consistency is key. Amazon is a great way to find the ones missing in your local grocery store (this is not a sponsored post).

5 -Get checked by a specialist

Eventually, this post is a good starter to help you see more clearly what you need. However, it’s very important that you get your blood checked, and that you talk with your family doctor to see if you are doing things right.

These are guidelines, but everyone needs are different, you may need more of this or less of that, or maybe some other nutrients such as magnesium. Only a blood check can ensure you that you are doing ok.


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