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How to grow a business mindset when you are a stay at home Mom (SAHM)

March 8, 2019

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You can be the most devoted Mom in the world and still feel this frustrating void of accomplishment at a personal level. I know that caring for a beautiful family is quite something, I really do. But I also know what it feels like to have this bliss in my life and still feel like I’m missing something. Learn How to grow a business mindset when you are a stay at home Mom (SAHM)



That something I’m missing is a personal accomplishment. For me, personal accomplishment is met through professional activity. I want to have time for my children, even now that they are grown up. But I also want to use the available time I have left in the day, doing something professionally. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to have a beautiful career as an entrepreneur and to stay at home with my kids; however, at one point things had to change.


I had to start all over again regarding my business as we started all over again in our personal life by moving. So let me tell you, I know something about growing a business. Especially growing your business when you are a 40+-year-old busy Mom and growing a business from scratch even in a completely unknown field, just because I dream about it. I even know what it is to grow a business in a language that is not my native language! To speak the truth, I’ve been dreaming about that new business when I was a student when I didn’t know yet what my life was going to look like. When I even didn’t know what my dream precisely looked like!

Here I am now with this beautiful dream coming true, and a full lot of ideas to share regarding growing a business mind slowly and sustainably when you are a stay at home Mom. I’ll make only one requirement. I believe it to be a must when you are a stay at home Mom in the 21st century. This requirement is that whatever you plan to create, make, etc. It has to be shared online. You can sell whatever you want online, and it’s the perfect medium to have a flexible schedule.

Try different creative mediums and then decide on one or two you like most and do these consistently

Your first step will be to find your voice. You will certainly share with different mediums after a few months, or years depending on your will to grow more or less quickly. But for a start, and if you are not already “professionally” sharing online, you have to figure out what your voice will be. What I mean by voice is how do you want to share and grow online?

Do you like writing? Then start writing a blog. If you like making videos, you can start a vlog using a YouTube channel. You like talking but don’t want to show your face (then, you are more likely selling services) you can start your own podcast.

I have references for all of these. The tools I use, the way I simply started, but this can be the subject of a post in itself, so please comment below if you’d like me to write about these.

I don’t recommend using social media only for a start. I know it can be comforting because it’s technically simple. But it’s a trap. If you grow relying only on social media, you are not growing your audience, you are using and growing the social media of your choice’s audience.

What would happen if this social media shut down and completely disappeared? It already happened; it will happen again. Pinterest and YouTube are exceptions because they are not social media, but search engines.

Start sharing free content (Blog/vlog/podcast)

When you’ve found your voice, your first move is to start sharing free content. Create content about your favourite subject, your passion, what you intend to make business with, in your wildest dreams.

By sharing free content, you learn to find your words, your ideas, and your place. You set the tone to your business, as well as finding your audience. It’s very important to take your time. You are not a marketing or business expert, or maybe you are, but you are also just starting something new.

Create a valuable pool of free content that your audience can browse to understand who you are, and more importantly know if they can relate. Because only the ones who can relate to your words are the ones who, one day, will be willing to buy from you.

Once again you want to grow your business mindset. So it’s crucial to do these things thinking “business,” even if you are not sure to build a business on this first idea. You are training yourself to think differently.

Find some people/brands that have an offer you appreciate and find your way

Anyone and I mean anyone, needs a mentor, or several mentors. But you don’t have to sign up for mentorship to find your first mentor. Simply make a list of your top 3 to 5 persons online that have a business, it can also be a brand, but try to choose businesses that are close to your own idea of a business.

What if you don’t have a vision yet? Well, in that case, chose your top 5 websites, the ones you love visiting, and go back to them regularly. They will help you understand what feels comfortable and suitable for you.

Now that you have your “mentors,” you have to make a review for each one. Write down everything that you particularly like about this brand/person, and everything that you particularly dislike.

You’ve just created the first draft for your business values! Now you have a guideline to start creating content. You know what you want to see in your content and what you certainly do not want.

Work on your project regularly every day for 1 to 2 hours at least 4 days a week

If you want to grow a business mindset, you have to learn how to be consistent. Nobody shows up to work once in a while expecting clients to wait for them or things to get done on their own. You have to train yourself to have a work ethic. This work ethic is defined by how you want to work. Do you prefer night-time, early morning, or mid-day? Can you work for long hours on certain days of the week? Once you have determined what you can do, time block on your agenda!

I advise you to work 1 to 2 hours at least 4 days a week. But it could be you dedicating one full day a week for your activity. Eventually, you have to take it seriously and work on regular hours, and, most importantly, stick to it in the long run!

Only this way can you create a business mindset: whatever happens, whatever you earn, it won’t be easy, and it requires hours and hours of work, sometimes with no immediate reward. Especially at the beginning.

Join a network of like-minded people, who are further ahead

Once you’ve started sharing some content, reach like-minded people. This one is not easy, especially when you are just starting. Where are your like-minded people? Well, I don’t have one answer to that because it depends solely on your country of residence, your activity, your way of sharing, and so many other factors.

What I can tell you is that you, however, will not find them if you don’t look for them at all. They won’t come to your door and ask you to join them. Browse on your favourite search engine, try, make mistakes and keep trying. There are different ways to join groups, Facebook groups and Reddit are one, you can also look for real-life events within a reachable distance for you. You can simply look for entrepreneurship groups online and join. The first step of membership is generally free.

It’s essential to be part of a network for many reasons. Motivation is one, accountability, inspiration; information is other. You can’t stay in your home, on your own, and not be communicating with anyone and expect people to find you. I’m an introvert so I would love it to work the other way, but it doesn’t!

Choose some, few but high-quality e-course in your weakest areas

You have to learn. Don’t spend money you don’t have though! You are just starting. So I would recommend choosing carefully high-quality courses to join, and if they are too expensive, then keep them in mind and wait until you have the money. Of course, you have to make this money come to you.

There certainly are little expenses that are worth sacrificing for a while to reach your goal. If money really is tight,  then you can learn so much online nowadays. Don’t waste your money before starting when you are just “growing” a business mindset and not really into business yet!

You can register on Bloglovin and easily find many blogs that can teach you so much! Online courses are the icing of the cake, but most of the time you can find by yourself the same content online for free. It will take a lot more time, but it’s part of the journey!

Share on social media (but not just!) and create content for yourself

Now that you are creating your content, you have to share it. This is where social media come in handy. They have a huge audience already, and if you use them properly, it can be rewarding.

I highly recommend using Pinterest whatever happens, because, once more, it’s a search engine like Google and it can bring you some valuable visitors.

Then there are the classics: Instagram if you are very much into photography, Twitter if you like texting and fast interactions, etc. LinkedIn is often underrated. I would advise you to create a profile on LinkedIn, simply because it’s the place for business matters.

Don’t forget, however, that social media are secondary, first; you have to create your content to grow your audience.

Create a “workspace” at home or anywhere you feel you can work.

This last one is completely out of my online advice, but it’s crucial too. If you want to grow your business mind and take your activity seriously, you have to have a physical place for it. You can simply have your computer and notebook, pencils in a drawer of your living room if you don’t have room for a desk. But you must have a proper place to seat, whether it is your bed or your kitchen table. You must know that there, you can create because you are at ease. This place could also be a coffee shop close to your children’s school or the closest library. In any case, you have to know where you can work when your chosen time comes.

Now you have it, my 8 tips for growing your business mind when you are a stay at home Mom. You noticed that these are the simple steps and actions you have to take to start a business nowadays. It’s quite simple really. The most difficult thing is to take action. So start planning right now, answer my 8 points with your own ideas and go do the job! It’s worth it; you are worth it!

Have a great day!



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