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Get Ready For The Cold Season, Maintain Balance In Your Life

September 26, 2018

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Here we are! Still in September and I’m already talking about the cold season. Well, I’m sorry to remind you of the lowest temperatures of the year, but they are inevitably coming. So, I thought that, maybe, I could remind you, so you’ll be well prepared to welcome them!

If the summer heat can be hard on our bodies, it’s nothing compared to the cold dark winter. I love winter, dong get me wrong! To speak the truth, if I really appreciate the long bright summer days, I do have difficulties with high temperatures. They don’t go well with my metabolism.

However, winter days that are poorly prepared can be disastrous. So, it’s time to get ready and make sure that you will be at your best this winter before it even begins! Let’s take in review all the important aspect of your mind and body health:

Keep to your good summer resolutions

First things first: keep all of your good summer habits and adapt them wisely to the winter weather. It is really the easiest way to enter the wintertime. You have it all done from last June. So, keep your existing habits.

This plan is easier said than done? Don’t worry. I will guide you through the most important ideas to keep in mind!

Make sure to have an adequate exercise plan

If it’s easy to have a regular physical activity during the summer, it’s far less obvious that we’ll stick to it during the winter. You have to plan ahead and get ready to adapt to the cold temperatures. Otherwise, your summer efforts will be lost in the long winter months.

If you plan to keep the same sport during the winter, especially if it’s outside, you have to be sure you have the proper outfit. The first morning the temperatures will drop, you don’t want to find yourself without the adequate shoes, sweater or socks to exercise.

Even if you don’t practice an activity outdoors, your schedule is going to suffer from the lack of energy due to darker days and colder temperatures. If you don’t keep that in mind, chances are that you are going quit!

Schedule a shorter workout time or remove one session a week to compensate. Be realistic!  You can also add more time for softer exercises like yoga to help your body cope with the harsh winter.

Make your schedule ready for the shorter days

It’s not only about exercise. Your whole agenda is going to suffer from the shorter, colder, darker days. Your children will be less tempted to commute alone, or they will have more difficulties to travel with the bad weather. Everybody will want to sleep more, therefore wake up later in the morning.

All these delays will affect you first, as you are the pillar of the family. Get ready for them because they are coming for you whatsoever. You have to lighten your schedule to be ready to easily accept the unexpected.

You’ll also need to sleep a little more. Don’t ignore that! Being more and more tired, as the days past, is not a suitable option for your productivity. No time to do it all? Well, how much time to spend watching TV or scrolling through your social media each day? Could you use this precious time more wisely?

Review your schedule and be crystal clear on your priorities. Be kind with your body since winter won’t be!

Make sure you’ll have a balanced winter diet

Following the “be kind with your body”, try to keep an eye on your diet. We eat more fruit and raw veggies during the summer. We tend to indulge comfort food a bit too much during the winter time. I’m certainly guilty of it!

You can have comfort ourselves with healthy food. You don’t have to use only potatoes and pasta for your one-pot. Use veggies! Lot of them are available even in the coldest countries. Try to avoid the less healthy ingredients: dairies and red meat come first on the list.

Sugar in sweet deserts is also very tempting. Find alternatives from now and stick to them. Fruit purees are more healthy than vanilla cream. Fruit spreads, with a light amount of sugar, are better than chocolate spreads. Read the tags and keep an eye on what you eat because it’s worse on your body than the cold temperatures.

Clean your home

I can’t say that enough: simplifying is the most important thing to gain time. It goes with your house too! Sort out the unwanted, unneeded, broken, used. Don’t keep all these time consumer objects in your house during the winter. They take space in your home and your mind. Be strong and give them away.

Spring clean your home, even if it’s autumn. You will have an easier time for sorting out what you don’t need if you try to clean your home entirely. Cleaning is much easier when the path is clear. You don’t want to clean too much, and I get you: don’t keep too many things to clean!

Plan some adequate outdoor activities

Make a list of outdoor activities you can do regardless of the weather. You need to go outside during the winter and have some daylight hitting your face. If you stay inside your home, your car and your office all winter, you will end up exhausted and depressed. Fresh air is the best therapy for winter blues.

Plan in advance, so you’ll have your list ready when you need it or when you lack the motivation to leave your warm house. You can simply make a list of the parks surrounding your neighbourhood or your town. Try to find some activities that don’t involve taking your car. Driving during the winter is sometimes tricky. You don’t want to add an obstacle to an already difficult situation.

Don’t underestimate the need for winter clothes. Like exercising outside, a simple walk outside needs you to have adequate clothes. Otherwise, you will really suffer from the cold temperatures and the humidity. You don’t want to be discouraged, you want to be motivated!

Ready? Time to enjoy the present!

Now that you are all set up for the cold days, just indulge the present. You are ready, and you have nothing to worry about! Being in the present and mindful is leading to real peace of mind. If you spend your time dreaming about the next summer, you will certainly not enjoy the winter. Don’t add to the difficulty, and just enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer because it’s useless to fight against it. Make the best of it and don’t spoil your energy!


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