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DIY – How to create reusable cup sleeve – eco-friendly!

May 15, 2019

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This week, my Youtube video is about Creating an eco-friendly reusable cup sleeve!

This silent video shows you how you can reduce, reuse, have a healthier and a more eco-friendly coffee break! You will learn how to create a reusable cup sleeve using an old sock.

How many times do you buy coffee at your local Starbucks or local coffee shop a month or even a week? Most likely, the answer to that question is a lot.

Well, there’s no shame in that, I do it too! I’m not here to tell you to stop going to “save money you could use on something else”, but rather warn you about the negative effects it has on our poor planet. Every time you go you consume at least one cup. One cup also means one lid, one sleeve and one swizzle stick; that’s a lot of waste if you really think about it!

One easy way to cut this waste out your life is to switch to reusable items. Everyone knows about reusable cups, which often come with reusable lids, but how many of you know of reusable sleeves? I didn’t know such a thing existed before a few weeks ago. Have you ever thrown out a sock because your little toes made a hole in it? Well instead of throwing it out, creating more waste, cut the end of it (the toe and heel part) and create a plastic-free reusable cup sleeve! It works just like a regular sleeve, if not better, and I can assure you that the barista will be more than happy to see that you’re making an effort for our planet! It is very eco-friendly.

Little side note: you might want to wash your sock before doing so 😊

Watch and Enjoy!



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  1. Dee

    May 23rd, 2019 at 12:17 pm

    This is such a great idea! My socks are always going missing and I end up with one from a pair, which can so easily be used for this purpose.

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