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I also share about efficiency and mindfulness

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You are an extremely busy person. You are successful, hard-working, your schedule is filled with demanding clients. Or you are building this new business of your dreams, and don’t count your hours. I’ve been there and done that. One question: do you sleep well enough? Let’s have a little chat about the effects of lack of […]

Working as a homepreneur, or a mompreneur is for some the only way they can envision their professional life. You gain in many aspects, but there are many challenges too. With the years, I’ve listed the most challenging issues that might arise for homepreneurs. The ones that are critical and often become the reasons why […]

September is a new beginning, and we are full of hope and motivation for this new school year. However, even if your motivation is sky-high, don’t over-estimate your energy and capabilities. With this post-vacation excitement, we are signing for too many things for our children and ourselves. We are still feeling some summer breeze in […]

In my opinion, the very famous “comfort zone” should be called danger zone. We should never stay in our comfort zone, ever. It’s the very best place high achievers avoid at all cost. It’s also where you make your worst choices. I want to speak about this subject now because back to school is on its […]

When you eventually achieve one of your goals, you are rewarded for being successful. You have even more inner proud for your success when it gave you some hard time. You can’t feel as successful as you do when achieving a difficult goal you set for yourself. On the other hand, if it was difficult, […]

Ok, now you must think: “Here she is! Always reminding us that we must take it slow and enjoy the quiet life. Now that it’s summertime, she wants us to be efficient!” So, let me be clear, I’m all about balancing life. That means I want to trigger slowing down a little bit if things […]

In the search for your new self as a busy devoted but fulfilled mom, you certainly need some help to learn how to focus on your inner self. We always tend to guess, know or try to understand what’s best for our children, husband, parents, pets, colleagues, friends or neighbours, whoever they are, you certainly try […]

Recognizing procrastination is good, but understanding its “why” is better. Procrastination can have some very simple origins, but the most complex ones are also the most powerful. Learn how to work on your mental clutter and your blocks, to improve your mental health and your professional life all at once. Achieve your goals by dissolving […]

Teach yourself to manage work withdrawal, by taking time to have a regular break from your work. Withdrawal is a strong word used in case of addiction. It can be for severe addiction regarding drugs, or for more common ones let say like sugar. What these have in common is the fact that they are […]

I recently rediscovered YouTube. Of course, I know YouTube well for years as I’ve been using it a lot to listen to music instead of piling tonnes of CDs on our shelves. (This also helped us get rid of the mentioned shelves btw!). But I rediscovered YouTube as my daughter advised me to watch a video a couple of […]