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This blog is my recipe book for life.
I share here my tips for a simpler and healthier life.
Not another millennial blog, simply a way to find purpose, achievement and reach fulfilment!

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Let’s be honest; evenings are crazily busy when you have a family. We often hear about the morning rush to school and commute to work, but I believe evenings are as stressful if not even more stressful than mornings. The problem is, at that exact moment we need some quiet time.     Everything happens […]

You are a Mom in a digital world with the internet and, of course, social media. But chances are you are like me and grew up without the Internet. That’s ok; we can adapt, that’s what we do right?     However, I’m here to help you organize your online life. Because don’t you think […]

Your body and soul have to be looked after wherever you are. If this is obvious when you are comfortably surrounded by your usual environment, it far less easy to keep on the good work when you are on the road. Simple habits such as practicing yoga, meditating or drinking enough water throughout the day are efficient […]

Here it comes again (so soon?) this time of the year when we start thinking about “the most wonderful time of the year” (say it singing the Christmas carol). As usual, I will start my post saying: “Yes it’s early, and yes, I’m getting ready now.” Why? Simply because I don’t like the last-minute rush. […]

I am no nutritionist, but I have had several professional nutritionists advise me along the years. If each one has its favourite subjects and methods, there are pieces of advice that remain the same. I realized how overwhelming managing nutrients on a daily basis is when my husband opened the kitchen cupboard where I’m stocking […]

Though we are not travelling full-time, our family has already spent many months on the road. We’ve developed a particular attachment for two kinds of getaways: the short ones like long weekends, or the very long ones like four weeks in a row. In the between, well, that’s less our type of travel. When you […]

June is here already and with June, a new “Reading 6 Books”! I love that little series because reading is such an important wellbeing tool. This semester theme is my first pillar: “Simplify.” What does it mean? Obviously, some of the books will be about minimalism, the why, but also the how. Some books are […]

Eat healthier is the theme of many magazines and books, especially when summertime comes. I don’t understand why we shouldn’t eat healthy the rest of the year. Be on a diet for few weeks or months to get that “beach-body” is a quick fix. But my purpose here is not the quick fix, which never lasts […]

Ok, you’ve got me this is a little joke. We love cooking, though we love cooking when we have time for it. If we are in a hurry, we prefer raw and simple food to enjoy a stress-free meal. What we try to avoid more than precooked meals are restaurants. Living in a large city, […]

Spring is on its way now, and everybody is thinking diet and spring cleaning. I’m linking the two to give a straightforward and effective diet for a minimalist wardrobe. There is no better time to start paring down one’s wardrobe than before the summer time which calls for fewer layers. What is a minimalist wardrobe […]