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This blog is my recipe book for life.
I share here my tips for a simpler and healthier life.
Not another millennial blog, simply a way to find purpose, achievement and reach fulfilment!

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I recently rediscovered YouTube. Of course, I know YouTube well for years as I’ve been using it a lot to listen to music instead of piling tonnes of CDs on our shelves. (This also helped us get rid of the mentioned shelves btw!). But I rediscovered YouTube as my daughter advised me to watch a video a couple of […]

Before coming to the “own hero” explanation, I must introduce the hero idea. Admiring a hero is not a bad thing in itself. The problem is the overload of information we are gaining nowadays about our heroes. The more significant problem is, the fake information we are receiving. We can possibly learn so much about […]

Wintertime is meant to be cozy. We crave for comfort food, hot drinks and soft blankets. We love spending the day inside if our schedule allows it. But what about fresh air? Especially in North America and large cities where every home beneficiates of air conditioning systems, we tend to forget the importance of fresh air […]

Mental health needs as much care as physical health does. We must be careful before crossing the line and recognize the symptoms our brain sends us. We are acutely aware of the importance of physical health. If we don’t always exercise or eat a balanced diet every day, nevertheless we know what is right and what […]

Forest bathing is becoming popular nowadays. It’s true that 54% of the population today live in an urban area, and this percentage is reaching 74% in the more developed nations. The growth of this urban population is 1.8% each year. Of course, this last percentage is decreasing as we are moving forward the 100%, but just […]

No, I’m not ready to go “Back To School”!!! It’s been a busy summer For a start we spent 8 weeks on the roads, sleeping in Airbnbs and hotels. We moved overseas, again, with only precisely 21 days to get everything ready. We moved in and settled everything in the apartment for our children to […]