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This blog is my recipe book for life.
I share here my tips for a simpler and healthier life.
Not another millennial blog, simply a way to find purpose, achievement and reach fulfilment!

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You can be the most devoted Mom in the world and still feel this frustrating void of accomplishment at a personal level. I know that caring for a beautiful family is quite something, I really do. But I also know what it feels like to have this bliss in my life and still feel like […]

Even though I’m starting this new business you are currently enjoying, I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than 18 years and managed up to 12 employees. And if I learnt anything it’s how to grow a sustainable business from scratch. You absolutely have to keep in mind some crucial factors if you want this idea […]

Working as a homepreneur, or a mompreneur is for some the only way they can envision their professional life. You gain in many aspects, but there are many challenges too. With the years, I’ve listed the most challenging issues that might arise for homepreneurs. The ones that are critical and often become the reasons why […]

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This is my last of the 12 Holiday Tips for this year holiday break. Tomorrow is back to school or work for most of us. I hope you’ll take some time today to enjoy my last tip. Today it’s about the place you give to the word “new” in your […]

During the winter, we all tend to forget how crucial it is to exercise, especially outdoor. Today is a good day to go out with your family and to exercise together First of all, I’m sorry if the weather is not perfect for this tip. But you can always go out for a while with […]

Today is time for cooking! I know what you are going to say. You’ve just had your fair amount of fats and sugar only yesterday evening. You may even start all over again today with your family. However, what I’m offering is a quiet quality time together. Not a 5-course meal for 20 persons. Try […]

Today is one of my favourite tips because it includes two of my favourite things: planning and travel! The cold, snowy winter is the best time to dream about your summer vacations. I love snow and cold temperatures, we proudly chose to become Canadians, and really enjoy the winter time. But sometimes, it’s also rejuvenating […]

For my tip #4, here is a simple, but difficult for some, exercise Take a themed walk, no shopping allowed! I think that it became too easy to get new things nowadays. When I say “get” I mean “buy.” I was listening to two women, older than me, a few days ago. In the Christmas […]

Today is my third tip for a fun time together: Meet with your loved ones, treat your family like friends Whoever your loved ones are, friends partner, husband, children, date them for a coffee outside. Quality time instead of things The other day I was enjoying a very conversation with a friend. She is always enthusiastic […]

The holidays are a tough time for many families and, therefore, moms. Whatever your religion is or wherever you live, chances are you’ll be solicited by these ecstatic seasonal festivities. You want to spend some time with our families and also to indulge delicious food. As it’s cold outside, at least for the northern citizens, you may lack energy. […]