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This blog is my recipe book for life.
I share here my tips for a simpler and healthier life.
Not another millennial blog, simply a way to find purpose, achievement and reach fulfilment!

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You are an extremely busy person. You are successful, hard-working, your schedule is filled with demanding clients. Or you are building this new business of your dreams, and don’t count your hours. I’ve been there and done that. One question: do you sleep well enough? Let’s have a little chat about the effects of lack of […]

Follow my blog with Bloglovin in order to be informed about the latest posts! SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is common in the northern countries. For the ones who don’t know about it, here is a link from the government of Canada about the winter depression. With only a little sunlight during the winter month, sensitive people tend […]

Did you have fun with yesterday cooking session? I am sure this one will ask more of your time and energy, but it is for the best! Clean the whole house to start fresh for the new year and work as a team! Many traditions in many countries include a substantial cleaning once a year. […]

Tonight, it’s celebration time, family/friend/ loved one’s time. Today is your last chance to indulge the tradition of the new year resolutions. I don’t say that I’m a big fan. However, I’m a big fan; I just don’t believe it to be useful if you review your goals only once a year. BUT, today is a […]

I know that winter time, especially in colder countries, gives a hard time for our summer good habits. We tend to do less exercise, be more light-deprived and exhausted by the increasing dependence of our children (weirdly enough they don’t want to walk that much on their own anymore to go to their practice). But […]

I want to say first that this post doesn’t substitute for a professional medical consult in any case. I would never tell anyone not to go to the doctor. However, if you use these simple tips as soon as you feel “not OK” you may notice a serious decrease in your use of conventional medication regarding winter’s regular […]

Here we are! Still in September and I’m already talking about the cold season. Well, I’m sorry to remind you of the lowest temperatures of the year, but they are inevitably coming. So, I thought that, maybe, I could remind you, so you’ll be well prepared to welcome them! If the summer heat can be […]

In my opinion, the very famous “comfort zone” should be called danger zone. We should never stay in our comfort zone, ever. It’s the very best place high achievers avoid at all cost. It’s also where you make your worst choices. I want to speak about this subject now because back to school is on its […]

I’ve regularly been talking about yoga and how I’m using it to stretch my body and keep it a minimum active. There are many different ways to practice yoga, and even more different types of yoga. Even if I’m not a certified Yogi teacher, I can show you the poses I use for regular practices as […]

Summer is coming with its bunch of picnics, bonfire, walks in the woods, days at the beach and so on and on. Only excitement and happiness! So, this is the perfect time to grab a bit of your positivity and transform it into motivation. It is time for you to add healthy habits to your […]