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This blog is my recipe book for life.
I share here my tips for a simpler and healthier life.
Not another millennial blog, simply a way to find purpose, achievement and reach fulfilment!

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This week, my Youtube video is a Tea Talk about Multitasking! This week little coffee or the or whatever you enjoy drinking is about avoiding multitasking by all means and focusing efficiently on one thing at a time. Multitasking may be good for computers but humans are not meant to do multitasking. It is better […]

This week, my Youtube video is about 7 things to do to reboot your life at 40+! This week we talk about how to reboot when we are forty +. I’m going through 7 annual (or more) checkpoints to maintain good health and care for your body and mind. Dear amazing Mom it’s time to […]

This week, my Youtube video is about Creating an eco-friendly reusable cup sleeve! This silent video shows you how you can reduce, reuse, have a healthier and a more eco-friendly coffee break! You will learn how to create a reusable cup sleeve using an old sock. How many times do you buy coffee at your […]

This week, my Youtube video is about Getting some Fresh Air Indoor and Outdoor!! In a time of perfect inside temperatures, we all need a good breath. Today, my Youtube video is about the importance of getting some fresh air indoor and outdoor. They are both important to feel good. We are told about pollution, […]

Today we talk about finding what works and what doesn’t. I came through this interesting idea of making a list of the things that work for you and the ones that don’t. I really never thought of that parallel before. I mean I love lists and I do lists daily. A lot of To-Do lists, […]

This week, my Youtube video is about Spring Cleaning your life! Today my Youtube video is talking about how we can do a Spring Cleaning in our life when we are Forties+. Spring cleaning is not about the house, it’s also about your body and your memories. It’s especially important to do so when we’ve […]

Today we talk about challenges and how I moving away from them. I love making changes a habit, improving by implementing new habits, but now with challenges.   This post is born from a review of my personal life and my professional goals. I already wrote and talked a lot about challenges and their importance […]

This week, my Youtube video is about Energy! Today we are talking energy level when we are Forties+. It’s a crucial point in achieving whatever we want. We tend to feel much the exhaustion of a long day a long week, etc. Maintaining a good energy level is the first step to reaching fulfillment… Dear […]

Today, It is time to talk about being a mom around 40 or more. We are called “generation X’, so That’s why we can call us the XMoms.   I did a lot of research recently in order to describe better how I can help clients and Moms. If you are aware of the marketing […]

This week, my Youtube video is about Polyester! It is about the importance of choosing well the fabric you are using every day. I especially talk about polyester because it apparently is the most toxic and polluting synthetic fabric for your health and the environment. Natural fibres will anyway always be better than synthetic fibres. […]