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Mindfulness Advent Calendar

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I chose to create this mindfulness calendar because, to me, these celebrations are both the best and the worst time of the year. The best because people are in a festive positive mood, and want to share with friends and families. We think generosity and love. We think happiness. However, it's also the worse because for many it's become the "buying more presents" challenge. Not to mention that for the ones who can't afford to celebrate in style, Christmas becomes a bit of a struggle.
Sharing love and mindfulness is free. Have a good time with the people you love is free. Indeed, the best things in life are free.

This Advent Calendar is my first gift and it's for you. Enjoy one post card a day for 25 day. No extra reading, no fancy words, just a little something to trigger your generosity and your mindfulness.

Enjoy as is, simply subscribe!

Help me plant trees!

This part is my second present around this Advent Calendar. Except it's not for you, it's for nature.
I will donate to the charity " For The Future". I chose this organisation because I love the idea they have around helping people in Africa growing their own forest instead of panting randomly. It looks to me more sustainable, and I have the feeling to help the people at the same time.

How you will help me? It's very simple just subscribe to my advent calendar! I will donate 1$ for each subscriber on my list on the 25th December to "purchase" one of the 6 packages they offer.

In the meantime, it's Christmas, so feel free to help or any other charity of your choice, instead of buying one more present!

Click to learn more about this charity and their packages

Sorry, subscriptions are closed for this year! You can sign in for next year calendar.