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I believe that anyone at any time and anywhere can find balance and fulfilment in their life. I’ve created a step by step method to help you simplify your life, find your ethos, and get organized to work towards your dreams.

A bit about me

I’m 43; I'm Canadian from France. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I'm a minimalist, eat a plant-based diet, love big cities and nature escapes, love the oceans and forests. I include in my life as many natural routines as possible. I'm embracing slow living but like to achieve my dreams and my goals as well. Both go together because we could have never done that many things my little family and I if we didn't have a simple living lifestyle.

Travel love

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 19 years, in France long before it was an easy move, especially for a 24-year old, with only one work experience, and especially for a woman. My family and I have been living in three different countries, on two different continents, in two different languages. I like to say that regardless the difficulties, we’ve managed all that with grace and authenticity.

Walk through life toward our dreams

Being semi-nomadic forced me figuring out the solutions to all our problems on my own, from education to health, and any common difficulties couples and families can encounter along the road of life. I had no community behind me, no family to help or support me. It wasn’t easy, it was exhausting and daunting, but I did it, and I learnt so much. I want to share my experience, my expertise because what I discovered the hard way is for everyone. We can achieve a lot, but we can’t accomplish everything. The choice of authenticity and simplicity helps us focus on what matters and have the energy to work for it until achievement.

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