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6 Things to do in Paris in France on New Year’s Day

December 27, 2017

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Paris is the city of lights and the city of love. Yet, last we visited, we first were not in such a mood!

Last year on 31st December we experienced an unplanned way back home from Nice in France to London in the UK. It’s a good time to read it again if you are one of the most unfortunate travellers who had troubles during their trip this season. Remember that there’s always something good in any situation!

Therefore, trying to make the best of this unplanned way back home, we had an express New Year’s Eve in Paris. If we did not have the great “party party”, we had a good time nevertheless. Anyway, you must have a good time on any occasion, especially when you think you are having a bad time!

Why this post

Here, I can see you coming. You are about to ask: “Enjoy the New Year’s Eve in Paris? What else? Why bother with anything else?”

Well, as I said, it was an express NYE, we had just enough time to watch the countdown before the firework on Arc of Triumph, on the Champs Elysees. Then we were so tired and cold, that we just head back to our hotel and slept. The thing is, on the next morning the challenge was to find something to do. On 1st January everything is closed and asleep in Paris! Not quite, almost everything. The problem is to find them.

Things to do on January 1st in Paris

1- Discover the subway stations

On a cold morning, knowing that many if not all the Parisians are still comfortably sleeping, there is no better time to enjoy our Best of the subway station in Paris. I am planning on giving the final touch to my Paris Slow Travel guide about the best subway stations and more, so stay tuned!

2- Have a brunch in an excellent coffee with the place for yourself

We loved walking the Champs Elysees and stop by a Cafe that is usually very busy. We loved Flora Danica. The whole family had a great time brunching and enjoyed a quiet, elegant space. It was just perfect and unusual.

3- Enjoy the streets and the monument alone

As everything is closed, you can see yourself alone, or close to, on one of the most famous streets in the world! We experienced that. We’ve been living in Paris for years, and it was a first. If you want to take pictures of Paris streets without anyone on it, this is the perfect day!

4- Go ice-skating at Hotel de Ville

Ice-skating is one of the very few activities, if not the only one you can enjoy on NYD in Paris. Believe me, once again, this skating rink is so busy usually that this is precious to enjoy.

5- Think about your plans and dreams for this coming year and…

6- …enjoy the time you have not doing anything involving a screen

Eventually, it’s time to admit that there is never enough time to take time off! Hence, take time off the TV, of your phone and all social media, enjoy your friends and family. In conclusion, my last advice will be to try one or several of my 12 days of Christmas activities!

Now simply enjoy your day in Paris or anywhere else: Happy New Year!


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