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Reading: 6 Books To Start A Reading Habit

December 20, 2017

This week is all for to books. It’s time to enlarge your library, virtually or not, temporarily or definitely, as you wish. The important thing here is that you are going to take a book and read.

I know very well the situation of busy working moms, with not so much time left at the end of the day before switching off the lights for a well deserved night of sleep. We are tired, and it’s effortless to turn on the TV (my laptop because we don’t have a TV) and watch a movie. Actually, it’s much easier than making an extra effort and read words before making our own private movie as we indulge the story.

At first, you think, ok I had a hard day/week, for once it won’t hurt anyone. Then little by little, one step at a time, just like the good hav]bits, this awful one is sticking to your nights, and one day you realize that apart from magazines and online articles, you haven’t read a book in months, years even. Yes, guilty as charged!

Get back to written words and forget images for a while

It’s not easy to get back to a reading habit, at least it wasn’t for me! There is that “that’s such an effort, see what this job/ driving kids and errands… whatever suits you has done to me!” For this, like anything else you need to change in your life, the only way to do it is making the first step, planning goals and sticking to it every day!

Busy people that need to spend little time everyday reading, will use this list. They won’t avoid reading because the extra effort it takes at the end of the day. Make it to the end, and in no time, you will get back on tracks and enjoy reading again, rather than staying passive in front of a movie you’ve seen dozens of times already.

Did I mention that you will also realize how much better you will sleep by ending your day with a book instead of moving images? Well, now I did!



My list of favourite basics

These new (for this blog!) 6 books are a way of going back to basics, in a mindfulness spirit, and keeping in mind that Slow Living is in the background. I won’t talk much about them, as you don’t have to choose from them, but instead make a goal to read them all. Reading is about making an effort to go to books you don’t know, to open your mind. A little bit like travelling after all! You can’t tell if you are going to love a country before you visit it, you can only go, make the best of your stay and then come back home and do your review. Let’s do that for books too!

Read them all thoroughly, and do your review afterward. Write about these books in a comment below if you wish, I’d be happy to know what you think about them too!

6 books for 6 months

Of course, it’s best to read them faster, but at least you much aim at one book a month. Faster will depend on how deep you are in the dark waters of not reading anymore.


The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Yes, this one book that many people think of it as a kid book is not at all! It’s full of wiseness and life-lessons, and even adults are sometimes allowed a little bit of cuteness and youthful spirit.

How to love by Thich Nhat Hanh

This book will remind you some simple things about the people you love. How to love them better, how to avoid hurting them when taken by the craziness of life.

Zen Haiku by Jonathan Clements

It’s a list of poems. Haikus are my very favourite, because they tell a complete story in only a few words, letting your mind free to think and create your own story and mind movie.



The miracle morning by Hal Elrod

You’ve probably heard about it. It’s a gentle helper that anyone can accommodate to its own life and habits to get back to getting things done. If you’ve already read it, maybe it’s time to reread it? Are you sure you are doing the best of your days?

An old fashion life tale by this wise lady. Sometimes it’s good to reflect on others difficulties and lives, even better when their lives seem so far away from ours.

The Little Book of  by Meik Wiking

Once again, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Hygge movement. Like minimalism, and many other ideas that are popping nowadays, this book is giving lots of ideas about this Danish way of slowing down and enjoying life. It’s really perfect for cold winter nights I believe! I loved this one amongst others because it’s relating to real social and historical facts.

And now, just open one book

This is all you have to do: switch off the TV, take a large cup of your favourite hot drink, and blanket and your first book. Sit down and open it. Have a lovely time!

All these books are available on any Amazon website. Amazon does not sponsor me, but it remains, in my opinion, the best way to find a book reference! Up to you to go to your local bookshop or library. It’s always better to go local. Just remember that ebooks are maybe not the best comfort, but they are clutter-free, and you can have them all anywhere you go anytime!

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You can invite your family or friends in a reading challenge, it’s simple and incredibly motivating!

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