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5 Tips For A Mom’s Lighter Schedule

September 20, 2018

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September is a new beginning, and we are full of hope and motivation for this new school year. However, even if your motivation is sky-high, don’t over-estimate your energy and capabilities. With this post-vacation excitement, we are signing for too many things for our children and ourselves. We are still feeling some summer breeze in the air, but we tend to forget the previous year struggles to reach the finish line for everything we planned to do.


1- Be cheap on your motivation, have some goals

Your motivation and your energy are some tanks that you fuel during your resting time and use during your daily tasks. If you empty your tank before you can refill it, what happens next is that you’ll lack the will to go on!

Spend your motivation and energy wisely. Don’t overdo it on useless or, in the end, not so important activities. Your extra energy is valuable. Don’t spoil it! Don’t disperse yourself with tons of new activities.

If you have a project at heart, it should come first. The rest will be taken care of when and if you have time left after you’ve accomplished the necessary and the wanted things.  Only after you’ll make sure to have the needed resting time that allows you to refill your motivation and energy.

What’s my first advice? Simply be crystal clear on what you really want to achieve and what absolutely matters to you. Make these things your priorities and say a huge big “NO” to everything else. Don’t just start something to please your friends or neighbours, and spend months regretting it. Your time can’t be bought, and your lost time is lost forever.

2- One of each

Regarding our children activities or ours, we may have this problem of choice. You love sports, so you want to make sure that everything is about sports. Ok, but don’t forget that everything is about the balance you try to bring in your life.

Sports is crucial for anyone but creating is vital too. You want to have a healthy body. You must understand that your brain also needs to be healthy. Stimulating it with a regular, even if short, creative time is the best way to maintain your brain’s activity.

Both sides of our brain need to be entertained on a regular basis to keep it fully active. After all, think of it as another of your muscles. If you work out only with your arms, you will have some very weak legs and very strong arms. Even though you’ll look really weird, your body will be unbalanced. Chances are you’ll have some injuries on your lower limbs.

Athletes are exercising every muscle, not only their legs, abs or arms. You should do the same with your brain.

Choose one physical activity, one creative activity and one relaxing activity to maintain a healthy balanced life. Plan them on a weekly basis and stick to it. All three of them are very important for your overall health.

3- Limit your daily tasks

You can’t possibly fit 12 activities on a 24-hour day. You have to be realistic. I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to make my own schedule. This gift must be handled with care. Entrepreneurs, and stay at home moms know very well that’s it’s as dangerous to under plan for the day as it is to over plan.

I have found my rhythm. I find it quite simple and I can apply to a lot of situation. I’m dividing my day into three parts: morning, afternoon and evening. It is applicable during the school year or the summertime. I’ve learnt long ago that I can’t possibly fit more than three major tasks in each of these thirds of a day.

I never schedule more than nine major tasks in a day. If I have an appointment in the morning, I can also do my grocery shopping and work on a post. But there’s no way I will try answering several emails or work on my Social Media!

It goes the same for your family. Unfortunately, each time you have something to do for your children, you take off one task of your list. It is a good reminder for busy, devoted moms not to overdo it for others. Think that it’s very important for your sanity that you can also cross some of your to-dos too!

4- Don’t underestimate your commute time

You must absolutely consider the side time needed to execute one task. If you need to drive for 15 minutes to go to your appointment, that makes 30 minutes of your day gone with the wind. What about the time you need to take your purse, find your keys, close your home, go to your car and then start it. These are also some dead times that you have to consider. Maybe this 15-minute appointment takes indeed 1 hour and 15 minutes. Is it really worth it?

These invisible, forgotten minutes take hours every day without us realizing it. It’s crucial to become aware of them. When you go somewhere, try to match this with something else. So, your dead time is half less important for each task.

5- Don’t indulge the small “no-time” tasks

Dead time is not only for the commutes we have. When you work at home, or when you are a stay at home mom, you tend to consider quite easily that doing the laundry, washing the dirty dishes or tidying up your children’s bedrooms does not take long.

I get it. As I leave in a small place, I hate having a messy surrounding when I’m working. I just can’t focus well enough. But do you realize how time-consuming these little tasks added one to another are? 5 min for the laundry, 10 minutes for the dishes, 10 minutes for each bedroom. I can spend one hour each morning cleaning my home to make it ready for me working.

It is one less task on my availabilities. So now I make my best to finish all these before my children leave the house. What couldn’t be done will wait until the post diner cleaning time. My daytime is scheduled with things that really matter to my family and me. No way chores are interfering. It’s hard enough to find some free time in a day; if I start these small, easy tasks: I’m just procrastinating. That’s all!

Your time is valuable

As I said, you can’t buy more time. You can’t regain lost time to be thrifty. No shame here just some pure common sense. The most important thing to keep in mind is your top priorities. Make time for them first. If they are your top priorities, they must be VIP on your agenda!

Have a good well scheduled day!


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