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5 Things To Do To Enjoy The Rainy Days!

November 7, 2018

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I remember, when we first came to Canada, that people were obsessed by November. They kept telling me that it was the worst month of the entire year, it was one of the most depressing on. If we could go through November, we would love Canada all year round.

I never thought of November that way.  It’s the same rainy time in Europe, in Canada or any other country with a northern temperate climate. However, at that time I just started to think about the “Why”. Why didn’t I care about being in November? Why people around me kept thinking that they were all depressed because of November? And why did my daughter love November and its rain so much?

The answer is simple! It’s all about mindset and actions. If you plan rainy days carefully, chances are you won’t mind them at all.

Here some tips and things to do, or not, to enjoy these rainy days and make the best out of them!

1- Indulge in coziness

Take a blanket if it’s cold, and rest on the couch or your favourite chair. Prepare some hot drinks for your family and make sure everybody has an excellent book to read. Play some classical music or chill music. I like Spotify for that; they have some great playlist that you can access for free, try my Relaxing Melodies

Have a self-care time:  take a warm bath, have a skin-care, do your manicure or pedicure. If you are a spa kind of person, then today is a perfect time! Have a wonderful massage and enjoy a sauna or hammam.

Another way to enjoy this quiet time as a family is to watch an old movie together.  You can also listen all together to an audiobook using audible (This post is not sponsored!). Rediscover to the power of storytelling instead of the visual images, and dive into your imagination. It’s also a great way to train your focus ability.


Do not watch TV. Advertisements and news are the worse you could do to sadden your mood on a rainy day especially. As I advise in my post about routines, being aware of what’s happening in the world is ok but some times of the day are not the best to do that.

2- Move your body!

Go outside. You are not made out of sugar so you won’t melt under the rain, promise! You do have to choose the right shoes and take a raincoat or an umbrella to enjoy the walk though, unless you love getting soaked! You’ll feel so much better when you get back inside. And you’ll be even more ready for your cozy time!

You can also exercise for 30 min or an hour indoor. If you have a gym in your building, then this one is easy. If you don’t, no excuse! YouTube is full of great videos for everyone. Your kids can join too!

Do a stretching yoga session with your family. Once more, YouTube is a fantastic place to find some great videos for a short or a longer yoga time. Find here my favourite Yoga videos.


Do not stay inside all day, especially if it’s the second day of rain in a row! Your family and you in the same process are going to feel trapped, and there is no better way to start fighting or arguing.

3- Stay active

Do something! Do not let boredom rule the day! You may get ready in advance and prepare a list of ideas to entertain your little family.

My “go-to’s” are board games. I make sure to choose some games my children can enjoy (well that doesn’t matter anymore that they’re basically adults, but I used to be very careful about choosing the right game). I also make sure that these games are fun for adults too! You don’t want to get bored playing cards!

I also have a list of indoor places to visit if we are in a mood for public places, such as museums or indoor activities.

Stay in a playful spirit inside and do a fun game, like a karaoke, some mimes games, or Wii family games.

Have a cooking family session! It’s even better when you’ll be able to enjoy your delicious comfort food afterward! Double the pleasure, and bake, the smell is also a way to cheer up your mood when you are stuck inside.


Do not eat junk food while staying inactive all day! You’ll feel so sad and unfulfilled, and stuffed at the end of the day. What a mess! You certainly don’t want that if you are looking for enjoying a rainy day. You want a good experience, and you want to create some good feelings and memories. Fuelling your body with junk food is not a way to create good memories with your family!

4- Make your home comfortable

Your senses are playing a significant role in your mindset and your mood. You have to be very careful to cheer them up.

You will activate your “Touch” with cooking or cuddling on the couch while having a family movie session. To activate your “Taste,” you can eat good homemade comfort food or hot drinks.

The Smell can be triggered with your oven while baking a cake or a loaf of bread, but you can also use essential oils. The smell you choose depends on personal taste. Some consider that smell like sweet orange are relaxing and comforting, rose a good too for a cozy home, lavender is soothing your mind. But there are many possibilities with diffuser and essential oils. The best I can do is advise you to give it a go and choose some scents with your family so you’ll all love it.

To trigger your “Hearing” by relaxing music if you want to have a peaceful time reading, but you could also play some cheer up music and dance like crazy together. Your favourite tunes are also a great way to enjoy even more your cooking session or your board game.

In the end, there is the sight. The most important thing to do is find the light! If it’s dark, turn on the lights, if you have a room that is brighter than the others, settle in this one. Light if the best therapy when your mood is a bit under the weather.

Another way to enjoy your home is to declutter. If you are feeling in a more productive mood, it’s time to work on decluttering your home, as a family. It may not be your family’s favourite activity, but it will feel so good when you home is all cleaned up from unwanted and useless stuff.


Do not go shopping! It may be tempting, but if you think about it, do you want to spend your day with thousands of other stressed out persons inside a mall trapped like mice in a cage? And you’ll only be adding to your stuff; you’ll also spend money on things you may not need. Trust me; even if you have some errands to do, rainy days are the worst of these. If you go on a sunny day, you will proceed faster to go outside as quick as possible. It is the best way to go shopping and not overwhelm your senses.

5- Connect in the right way

You can connect with yourself, or with others. Whatever you choose, you must do it the right way if you want to feel good about it.

If you want a useful inner connection: try working on your gratitude list or try meditation. Your family can do that too, and you could share your lists, or meditate altogether.

You can also reflect on your mood board, dream board or projects. You can create a family dream board too! You’ll be more aware of everybody’s tastes. I love using Pinterest for that, as I want to stay minimal and paperless, but if you’re going to create a real board here are some ways to add a family activity: ( Reader Approved How to Make a Dream Board )

If you want to connect with others, simply call your friend and ask them if you could meet up. Having a good time with friends is the same as having a good time with your family, it’s one of the pillars for being in your best mood!


Do not connect online with other; this is not the right way to spend time with your friends! Don’t just scroll mindlessly on your social media!!! It is the worst way to spend a rainy day. It’s counterproductive, and you will undoubtedly feel worse after spending your time in such a useless way.

Mindset is everything!

Whatever you decide to do, remember that the way you embrace a rainy day is mostly about the mindset you choose to have. Get ready, and just realize that you have no choice. Mother nature is not going to give you some sun because you feel miserable about rain. Make the best out of it, and get organized to have fun or relax, whatever you need!


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