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5 Persons I Follow On YouTube For Motivation

April 10, 2018

I recently rediscovered YouTube. Of course, I know YouTube well for years as I’ve been using it a lot to listen to music instead of piling tonnes of CDs on our shelves. (This also helped us get rid of the mentioned shelves btw!).

But I rediscovered YouTube as my daughter advised me to watch a video a couple of months ago. I must admit that I never consider YouTube as a way to learn new knowledge or improve in any way before.

Setting aside the fact that I just confessed being a social media beginner, I’m excited about the persons I found and now follow for weekly inspiration in my daily life and my business.

I’m still working on selecting more, but here are my favourite so far. I tried to find channels telling about different areas of daily life to which I can relate.

Kalyn Nicholson

This one is my first discovery. She is young, but not a teenager anymore. She is learning a lot but has already acquired a lot of wisdom. Her life is in no way comparable to mine. She lives alone with a most lovely puppy, she is fit, thin and charming and is successful in her business. As for me, I’m living with 3 lovely adult-size persons; I’m for now not as fit as I expect, I don’t know if I’m charming, but at least not in a beautiful young girl in her 20’s way. Eventually, for now, my business could not survive without my husband support. So why do I find her so motivating?

Because she talks honestly, she struggles, but deal with it. I can relate to that. You don’t have to always be deep in health issues, or life issues to feel not so great when you wake up in the morning. And I prefer to look up at people with whom I can relate, rather than looking down to people that are living much worse than I do when I need motivation.

Find the right level of inspiration

For people who struggle with more significant issues, finding support on the Internet is priceless. But for the ones who struggle with “simple” exhaustion, lack of motivation, anxiety, or just feel a little down without falling into a deep depression; it’s precious to find people with the same struggles.

Who could feel better just by comparing themselves to someone who goes through worse? If you have a physical or mental pain, it’s real even if you can still live a “normal life.” You need to find the right level of motivation to get through it. You are not having your tooth removed if you have a cavity. And watching someone having a root canal surgery doesn’t make your tooth less painful.



So after this quite long introduction

Kalyn Nicholson, YouTube channel owner, telling about her lifestyle, health and sometimes her travels. She is in her 20’s, she also runs an online brand and a website, she sends a lot of positive energy, and if I had to choose only one quality, it would be this one. Kalyn is both inspiring and refreshing to me. I also like the fact that she is an excellent example for my teenage daughter!

Oh, and I almost forgot: she lives in Toronto just like us!

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Pick Up Limes

This Canadian girl is now living in the Netherlands. She is a professional nutritionist, vegan and on the minimalist side. She gives some valuable advice about food, whether you are a vegan or not (I started following her I wasn’t). I looked for YouTube channels about healthy cooking for long. This one is my favourite from far. The first reason is the videos are clean and bright, Sadia is always calm and smiling. I don’t l know why, but I feel that my digestion is already much better just watching her videos. She is comforting.

Then, there is the fact that she is a professional nutritionist. I do believe that we can learn a lot about food if we are passionate about it, without any diploma. But in my case, I’m looking for advice to go vegan. I kind of “bring with me” my little family on this trip. First, there is my teenage daughter who wants to become vegan too, then comes my son who tries to improve to mostly vegan meals even if he loves some fish once in a while. And eventually, my husband who is more reluctant.

It’s crucial to be conscious about the food you give to your body

I must find how to feed all four of us, as different as we are, physically but also regarding our needs, without risking any deficiency for my children. That’s why I prefer to refer from a professional. Plus, she is cooking for both her partner and her, which makes me trust her experience about veganism for men even more.

I don’t know about you, but I am reluctant to see that some people advise vegan Mac’n Cheese, as “cheap vegan meal.” It’s vegan, it’s a meal, and it’s cheap ok, but it’s neither healthy nor balanced!

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The Health Nerd

This one is a perpetual source of new health knowledge. The man is making short funny videos on one precise subject. It’s about health (exercise or food), and he gives in each video the results of his researches. He carefully bases everything he says on scientifically proven facts.

It’s short, compelling and fascinating. If you want to learn more and be motivated to improve your health in a fun way, go for it!

“What Does Sugar Do To Your Body? 10 Proven Negative Effects of Sugar” by The Health Nerd

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Break The Twitch

His videos are mainly short ones, and they are advice or feedbacks about minimalism. If you aspire to simplify your life, it’s interesting. But if you are not, then, it’s interesting. I believe it’s always good to learn a little bit about something different once in a while.

Watching a video about the benefits of exercising if your only physical activity is a 30 min walk on Sundays with your family, may trigger something. It’s the same here. Simplifying our environment is healthy mentally and also physically, not to mention wealthy. Listening to a tiny bit of tips and tricks can’t be a wrong thing.

If you already are on the simplifying train, then guess what? This channel is interesting! Yes, if you already are converted to the bright side dear padawan, you know that it’s an ongoing process. We can all learn from each other.

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  • motivation
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Amy Landino

She is managing her channel like a TV news presenter. It gives real energy to her videos and this energy transfers to you. That’s the purpose here: finding the strength to become more productive. She is telling about the YouTube world, but not only. She advises about organizing, motivation and productivity. If her videos are more professionally oriented, they also are inspiring to manage your daily life. Follow this lady to find some tips to get things done. She indeed is a pro at doing a lot!


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My little YouTube bonus:

We already have our 5 YouTubers, but I have one more to introduce. This young girl is beginning in the YouTube world. I always find it brave to start something new, especially if you get to expose a bit of your soul to the world.

Ok, you’ll find out that she is my daughter, however, I love the way she puts energy in her future. She is 15 and has beautiful projects, she works hard for them, so feel free to give her some thumbs up Coralie Sage


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