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4 apps to improve your well-being and your efficiency

January 22, 2019

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Your body and soul have to be looked after wherever you are. If this is obvious when you are comfortably surrounded by your usual environment, it far less easy to keep on the good work when you are on the road. Simple habits such as practicing yoga, meditating or drinking enough water throughout the day are efficient and don’t take that much time. Read along to discover my go-to apps that can help you!

The negative effects on your body eventually increase if you are on the road and working. Your well-being habits can’t wait for you to have time at home. Doing so would be the best way to completely lose your working efficiency and the benefits you could have gain from your time away. You would from the road with a negative vibe. Time away from home is a fantastic experience and a significant improvement in your life so let’s make the best of it!

I’ve selected a concise and crucial list of 4 apps that will help you remain at the best version of yourself wherever you are! They have to be simple and effective. They have to be simple so that you stick to them.

Your well-being is even more important on the go

It’s even more critical when you are not at home. You tend to eat different foods that your body is not accustomed to. It’s also a time for more walking exercise, so your muscles also have to endure different stress. You are on vacation from work and usual life it’s the perfect time to unwire your mind and learn, or improve your capabilities, to meditate.

That said, your well-being should be your priority at all time. No good work, no happy family time or time with friends, without you feeling at your best in your body and your head!

Simplicity is key: everything is on my phone

To simplify my family and personal life regarding “good habits,” I have on my phone a few apps that follow me anywhere regarding relaxation and sports.

The thing is, you always have your phone with you wherever you go. So having the essentials in there is the best practical choice. I used to prefer doing yoga using my iPad because the screen is bigger, but I do not always take it with me when I travel. On the other hand, I need my yoga sessions the most when I travel. I also realized that whether one adores yoga or not, it’s far easier to fit in a carry-on a yoga outfit (anything cozy enough and any hotel towel will do). Also, you don’t have to carry trainers which is a lot of space freed in a small suitcase. The other thing is, after your session you don’t end up with some smelly sweaty outfit, or soaked swim-suit.

What kind of apps is right for your well-being?

As I mentioned, yoga is my go-to well-being activity. It’s the perfect exercise to unwire your muscles after long walks or long trip sitting in a car or on a plane. I’m a massive believer in meditation benefits. I must admit that I’m not on top of things regarding meditation when we are travelling, but I’m working on it!

I also enjoy relaxing music backgrounds when travelling. It’s sometimes difficult to have a rest in the middle of the chaos of an airport, or with the noise of a train or car engine. These pure sounds help me to stay away from a noisy environment and relax.

Eventually, I have one to keep track of my water intake. I drink a lot of water on a daily basis, and my body needs it (when I say a lot, I mean 3 to 4 litres a day). But when travelling, I end up not drinking at all sometimes. I don’t want to go to the washroom too frequently so I don’t have easy access to water refill, etc. The problem is, we need even more water when we are travelling than when we stay home. Our bodies dehydrate rapidly in an environment like airplanes or cars when windows are closed, and air-conditioning is on.

My criteria

I chose some apps that are free or purchased for a small amount of money. You’ll see that there’s no need to pay a lot to keep track of things. My word is simplicity in all things, and managing subscriptions is not my favourite thing to do. That’s not because you’ll spend 50 dollars a year or more for the most popular app that you will take action!

I chose 4 apps that help us do all these essential things within a short time. Well-being doesn’t have to take long. I believe in the importance of well-being, but I’m not dedicating my life to it. What’s important here is to try your best to keep track and practice a little bit every day.

Eventually my choices

Relax Melodies will allow you to create your peaceful audio background. The best part is you create your own! It also includes some mediation sessions.

Chakra Meditation Balancing is a simple way of having a short break with healing sounds. This way you choose the length of your meditation, and if you are very into chakra, you can work on the energy you wish. If you are not a Chakra aficionado, then I suggest you try one sound each day. I find it relaxing for everyone in the family. You can also use the meditations offered with Relax Melodies.

Down Dog, now I must admit that I’m doing my yoga with some YouTube videos now. And I appreciate so much “Boho Beautiful” work that I purchased their program which allows me to have my yoga sessions on the go. However, I paid and tried for so many yoga apps that I can say Down Dog is my favourite. It guides you and gives you some freedom to personalize your session. But all the great yoga apps are now paid apps. Most of them are monthly or yearly subscriptions. I dig into it, and I didn’t find a decent free or one-time purchased valuable yoga app when I’m writing this post. They all changed their marketing strategy. If you have some that you love, please comment below!

Plant Nanny is the perfect app to keep track of your water intake. It’s straightforward to use and completely free. You grow some plants that you have by watering them along the day, just as you drink your water. It’s a great way to remember the importance of regularly drinking along the day as well as drinking enough.

Enjoy, have fun and take action!

I hope these apps will inspire you to take care of your body and soul on the go, or even at home. In the meantime, if you want to discover more of my tips about well-being, I have plenty on the blog. If this blog is meant for change and growth in business as well as in life, I firmly believe that health is key to success!

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