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11 Things I Do To Get Back On Tracks

April 5, 2018

After holidays, a vacation or after a trip, I struggle with getting back on tracks. Being self-employed is not helping me at all when my flow is broken.

When they have a school break, I try to keep as much time as possible for my 2 teenagers; I always want to make the best of the time I can have with them. Then, I also love to have a break in my work routine. I find it satisfying, and it always helps me renew my energy and my inspiration.

I also merely stopped fighting to keep my usual schedule, when my schedule is everything but usual. Accepting this simple idea keeps my sanity on tracks too!

On another hand, when everyone is back to school, or office, I’m alone in my apartment with nobody to tell me to go back to work as well. It’s so difficult to be motivated when you’ve been living at a slower pace for a week or two or even more during the summer!

First thing first, I allow myself one more day “out of the office.” Sometimes I have many errands to run, and I need this one day to get them done so I don’t spoil the family last vacation hours. But to be honest, sometimes I do it because I can: I am self-employed, it’s my schedule. Some days I work more than 12 hours; sometimes I take a day off!

So, these are the simple tricks I use to get back on tracks. I don’t use all of them, just a few, and it helps me get in my post-vacation work routine very fast.

1- Set a precise schedule for the first week

Don’t forget to include a daily workout. Having a very detailed schedule let no room for procrastination. I don’t like to have a strict plan all the time, but doing this the first week is helping me getting back on tracks.

2- Set a detailed list of goals

Set your goals for the first week and in the coming month. It’s a reminder of your yearly goals. Rewriting them is an efficient boost. Like that, you have everything set clear and fresh in your mind after your break.

Take your list of yearly goals, if you don’t have one already, subscribe to my 5-email challenge. One of the tasks is to set your goals. All these emails will help you get back on track too. It’s free and available to you if you register by clicking on this image:



3- Clear your clutter

Decluttering the house has become a vacation start routine for the whole family though. Decluttering is refreshing for your home and your soul. Living in a cluttered space is what keeps your mind from being open to new ideas. My Starter Kit emails also help you start decluttering in a very gentle way. Start small and see what happens. Let the good vibes flow in and keep on decluttering at least your working space.

To have a deeper insight into creativity vs. clutter:

Does a clear space really mean a clear mind?

4- Clean the house

Tidy everything, don’t let things get in your way when you need to get back on tracks! Working in a cleared environment is uplifting. A decluttered house is boosting my mind, but by all means, having a clean space is already a good start. How could you start fresh if everything around you looks dirty and dusty and busy? Start cleaning your house because you are cleaning your mind at the same time.


5- Do your grocery

Do your dry cleaning, your laundries, your gardening, etc. Do everything that could keep your mind off work. These small chores are the heart of procrastination. Once they are all done, you have no excuses to go back to work. And if you have difficulties to get into working again, they are no way these tasks are becoming the reason to postpone you getting back on tracks.

6- Allow yourself some self-care time

There’s no better way to be ready for a fresh start than taking care of yourself even if only for one hour or two. After taking care of your home, it’s your turn! I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s hard to find a quiet time for self-care during school breaks. So I love doing it first thing when I’m finally alone at home. It also makes the empty home welcoming again.

Find here some tips and ideas about self-care:

8 Tips To Gain Time For Self-Care

7- Try working in a new environment

Try to reorganize your home or at list your working space. Or try working in a different place, a cafe or the library! A fresh new area lets new ideas come to you. Create the open mind you need to start again. This open mind is easily coming if you force it a little bit by opening it to a new environment.

8- Make a list of new projects ideas

There is nothing better motivation than looking forward to new goals. Make a list of what you could do, want to do, dream to do, and write down some ideas to have them achieved. You’ll see that executing a new project is far easier once you can actually see on the paper that it’s not such big deal.

9- Boost your creativity

Boost your creativity by creating! Go for a photo walk, go to a cafe and make some sketches, or try to make a video for your imaginary Youtube channel! Whatever comes to you, try to create something even if it’s no real use for your job. This creative activity will trigger the will for going back to your business.



10- Read a motivation book

Or 3! Though, this is something I do during the break! I take time to read more each day, or I find some Youtube inspirational channels, and I take notes. It’s time for new ideas, new motivations, a new way of thinking. Mainly it’s time for learning something new! You have to continually seek new knowledge if you want to be successful in your business. Nothing new will come to you if you, yourself, never improve.

11- Try something new

Eat a different food, drink a new hot beverage when you are working, try a different workout. These new activities will refresh your mind and make it ready for the new challenge of getting back on tracks. You can also go for a walk before your day starts, or walk to a different place, try a new hairstyle, or new hair colour, wear a new outfit. Trying a new nail polish colour is uplifting if you work at a desk all day long. You can see it at all time. New shades are boosting the soul and your creativity.  You can get a tattoo if it’s your thing, so you can remember this freshly gained motivation every time you see it!

You are almost back on tracks!

By all means, remember why you are doing this! It’s the best way to get back on tracks. You have to set your mind on the right things, so you boost it for the next task. If you have a gratitude journal, it’s time to read a few pages. Remind yourself what are the right vibes in your business, the reason that made you start. Eventually, have fun and enjoy!

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